Ready to be brought up to speed on Mother’s job search adventures? I have been sitting on some stuff because I didn’t want to over share and I certainly didn’t want to jinx anything. But now I can admit that I am stressed about where we are in a particular process and in order to do that you guys need an update.

Mom had a great third interview at the job in the Northeast. She met with the woman that she met in her first interview and a man that is a super head honcho type. She was in the interview for a long time. Long enough where I totally allowed myself to think that they were offering her the job right then and there.

When Mother called me to come pick her up from the interview (W & I were walking around enjoying the day and the beautiful town) she seemed not so thrilled. She seemed disappointed and crestfallen. Her first thought was that she didn’t do so well. Mostly because she couldn’t get a read on the people in the interview.

I had to remind Mother that this was a classic case of Southern vs Northern. On the drive home I had her detail, word for word every moment of the interview and by the time we had crossed back into Maryland I was able to honestly tell her that it sounded like the interview had actually gone VERY well.

Having an outside perspective was helpful and I think Mother was then able to recognize that she did as best as she could have done. She was her charming self, she was enthusiastic about the position, and it was beyond obvious that she would do the job well. And now things were out of her hands.

Many days went by and Mother continued to search local job sites. And we somehow managed to not talk about the Northeast job for an entire week. And then last Tuesday someone called Mother from the offices of the Northeast job asking for her list of references.

And we totally went SQUEEEEEE!!!

But in a calm and collected manner. Obviously.

Asking for references is one thing, calling them would be another. And so we waited. And waited. And on Thursday Mom got a call from one of her references letting her know that she had been called. And then another reference e-mailed to say they had been called. And then another.

And it FEELS like this might be the job. As in THE JOB. It would be oh so perfect in oh so many ways. And not just for Mother, but for W and I as well. Seriously, it would be lovely.

But after the references are called what happens next? We are not even entirely sure that Mother is the only candidate. But would they call references for more than one candidate? One of Mother’s references said that the person that called about Mother was “very enthusiastic” about her. So that sounds good. Really good.

But the waiting, and the wondering, and the hoping, and the flinching when the phone rings… It’s kind of brutal. Because this one feels SO real. Like we can feel it. We can imagine it. We can talk out loud about it. But then we knock wood and feel sheepish and silly and jinxy and oh please please please let this be it.

So of course I had to come unload on you guys. Because whatever way this situation ends I’m going to need you.

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