It has been another one of those brutal OH My Goodness Who IS This Toddler?? Weekends. The temper! The emotional reactions! The end of the world meltdowns! I am quickly learning that W is defined as either the “active toddler” or the “difficult toddler” in the parenting books. But pretty much anytime I stop one of his plans (which could be anything from unplugging my computer to sitting on the dog) he is going to have a huge reaction and it seems that I am the one that needs the lesson on how to react instead of him. His reaction is considered “normal”, “textbook”, “what it will be until he is able to communicate better”. My reaction is “seriously?” and then exhaustion.

I have the toddler that for 7 out of every 10 naps goes down screaming and wakes up screaming. I think he is maybe part rocket fuel.

But all of this is for another post…instead I am going to share some photos from our visit to the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore. They have extended the hours of the kid zone play area and discounted the tickets so it totally made a drive there worth the trip.

If I ever get to design a house for my family there will be a water table at the heart of it.

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