It’s raining and wonderfully cold. W has the sniffles. I’m wearing socks. And if my Grandfather was still alive he would be 92 today.

The weekend was so busy for me. I went to a local social media networking blogging women thing on Saturday night. I can not begin to tell you how nervous I was to go. Part of it was the driving at night to a location that ended up being nearly two hours away and part of it was the social anxiety of wanting desperately to fit in and connect.

It’s a weird problem of an extrovert: the learning HOW to be social in a new social setting with new people. I have this tendency to either go super quiet and feel like everyone thinks I am too fat/ugly/uncool/ splotchy/ill-dressed or I go a bit OVER LOUD and think everyone is so cool that of course they should adore me on site. Usually if I go over loud I am really feeling super quiet feelings inside. And almost always after everything I say I wonder if it was the right thing or the stupid thing.

The interesting thing about this event, which was kind of genius in a way, was that everyone was told to arrive with business cards. And when you walked in to Scary Mommy’s house, she was the amazing host, (which, wow the house, seriously amazing and comfortable and exactly the house you would want to raise a family in and have those Nora Ephron montage moments in) there were these cute take-out boxes lined up and you just plonked your card into each one and then when everyone left they would be certain to have your card. Ta-da! Instant social connection.

Brilliant, right? My only problem was that there were at least 40 women at the event that I would have loved to have met but I had no idea where they were in the house. I really needed pop-up video to guide me. Instead I focused on talking to people that I tweeted with semi regularly but had never met and people that seemed familiar from the hallways of BlogHer. It was great to put faces to names and real names to actual faces.

Oddly enough one of the unifying topics of conversation between these women that I had never met was infertility. It’s just part of my story and when someone is meeting me for the first time and asks me what I blog about I can’t say that I blog about parenting without saying that I started blogging about TRYING to be a parent. Six years of blogging and only 1.5 of that has anything to do with actually being a Mom.

Here is the shocker- out of every new person that I met virtually ALL of them had a connection to infertility. I have no idea what most of the women at this event were talking about around me at times, but I stood at an island in the kitchen with six women and we talked about miscarriages.

The women that coordinated the event went out of their way to make so many different kinds of women feel welcome and included- even shy extroverts like me. I’m glad I went. And I hope that I feel less nervous next time.


Sunday W and Lolly and I met up with some friends at Larriland Farms for apple picking and pumpkin gazing. I’ll be writing more about that over at WWTK later this week, but it was the PERFECT thing to do on a cool October Sunday. W, even with his sniffles, was not slowed down at all. He loved running up and down the rows of trees and picking up the giant balls on the ground. (balls = fallen apples) Here are a couple photos from the day.

So how was your weekend? What did you do?

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