Well, like you, I had all but packed our bags once I heard that this company was going to be flying Mother in. And not just for one possible job- but several- at this expanding company. I was forgetting about how much I didn’t care for growing up in The South and focusing on Fresh Start, Stability, Hope, THIS IS GOING TO BE IT. Seriously. I felt it. Like I was looking at school districts and stuff. Yup.

Thursday afternoon we waited forever to get the details of Mom’s travel plans. We waited so long that we both began to wonder if the interview was even going to happen. We didn’t know who she would be meeting with, where, when, what the other positions were…and we didn’t know when her flight was or even what airline she would be flying out of.

Mother put in a call to the HR department just after lunch on Thursday and waited and waited and waited. No call, no e-mail. Mother has an acquaintance that works at the company and she e-mailed Mom to say she was excited that Mother would be coming in so Mom replied that she had zero information. So her friend was able to dig around and find out that at least flight plans had been made but beyond that she didn’t know anything.


Just after 4pm Mother got a call (or was it an e-mail, I can’t remember) letting her know that her travel itinerary was on its way. So phew! Yay! We were back on track! I posted the update on the blog and let the world in on the news and we went back to being hopeful and giddy.

Friday morning our day began just before 5am and we rushed and scrambled to get up and dressed and out the door so Mother could get on her morning flight to The South. She was going to be picked up at the airport by her friend that worked at the company and I was glad that they would have a chance to catch up and prep for the interviews before hand.

Mom landed at the airport and there was no one there to pick her up. I’m unsure what happened here, I just know that it was the prologue. And Mother then had to spend $50 to take a cab to the interview (thankfully she will be reimbursed, at some point…we hope). But, you know…stressful. Pre interview anxiety just doubled.

When she arrived she met with one person about one job and then waited to meet with another person and then that person never showed up. And so Mother basically sat in the lobby for hours. Except it wasn’t an empty or a quiet lobby. It was filled with hustle and bustle of employees. And not just your run of the mill employees, nope. These were disgruntled employees. Pretty much every person that breezed through the lobby was complaining about work, the company, people in the company, or working for the company. Loudly.

An HR person finally did come out and brush off the 2nd interview that had been promised Mother saying, “Oh they must have already hired someone and I didn’t realize it! OOPS!”

Thankfully my Mom’s friend was able to give her a ride back to the airport and on the drive she spilled that is is a horrible place to work. Horrible. Like I won’t even discuss it all. And that she is looking to get out ASAP.

And as Mom is telling me this I got so angry. I mean I know that we are in a desperate situation here. I know that we are beyond the danger zone. But why would a ‘friend’ try to send a friend to a toxic and awful work place?

I’m so disappointed in the entire situation. Bummed and burned out from the optimism fizzle. I think the company in The South is a huge mess right now and that while my Mom could certainly help them out and be a huge asset to them….I just can’t imagine her having to go to such a place every day.

It is hard to say this because when you are at the bottom of the food chain you feel like you should take shit and be thankful for it. Please sir, may I have some more. Many people in America feel that the unemployed class are lazy and should just take what they can get. Once upon a time I remember my Grandfather telling me before a job interview that I was nervous about, “remember- you are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you” and that was apt advice for the time. It just doesn’t seem to fit any more.

I’m having this feather shake and then moving forward. Heaven knows if this company will even offer Mother a position, so it is partly absurd for me to carry on this much in the first place. Feather shake, shake, shake….


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