Yesterday evening W totally let one rip in the bathtub which, due to the unplanned nature of the event, we both found comical and amusing. And I found myself laughing and explaining, “you farted!” Which is also a comical and funny word. And I realized as I said it that we were at the point were I needed to be good and certain that “fart” was what we were going to call it. I then had an image of W exclaiming at the dinner table, “I farted!” and that made me cringe. Obviously he will reach a point when he is older where he will seize the crassest words possible and use them in the most inappropriate ways, but I don’t think we are there just yet.

Which brings me back to my question: What do you now or plan on having your child call flatulence? Did you have a silly name for it when you were a kid?

I know, I ask all the BIG LIFE questions, but think about it- what I teach W now is what he is going to say for the next several years every time he passes gas. Every time.

I took the question to twitter last night and you will not believe all of the different ways people talk about this! I think “air biscuit” might be my favorite…

Twitter Answers the Big Questions
Twitter Answers The Big Questions
Twitter Answers the Big Questions

So…what do you call it?

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