Two things should be said right up front: this is not a sad sack post. Promise. But I do some reflecting. I’m trying to be very conscious about my emotions and in charge as much as possible. Another thing to get right out there, which kind of spoils any elaborate and fancy prose attempt on my end, this is not a post about Mother landing a job. At least it isn’t about that yet. Because it hasn’t happened yet. I suck at disclaimers, and really, there wasn’t really a huge need for one, I just know that a lot of people made assumptions that my last post meant something when it didn’t.

Friday Mother had a job interview in the Northeast. It would be for a company that is not corporate and not in a rat race. The description of the job required someone that was knowledgeable in a certain area, a very specific area, and I am being vague here, but I’ll brag a little and say that Mom is a total catch for this job.

Of course she was nervous to interview for it -but we went up to the Northeast the night before and spent the evening with one of my best friends (and one of W’s Godparent Trifecta) and that made the next morning much easier to greet.

And I think she did great in the interview. I really do. It lasted a loooooong time, much longer than we had anticipated. But then the interviewer explained that this was round one, and then there would be round two, and that they would probably be ready to hire someone by the end of the year.

Which is very deflating. We spent the drive up to the Northeast like Vince and Jon driving the first hour to Vegas in Swingers. We do optimism VERY well and if you show us a glimmer of hope we can live on the sparkle for a long time. Of course it would have been a huge stretch of a long stretch if Mother had been offered the job right then and there, but we are so ready for our happy ending that we were willing for some version of that to happen.

And we would be thrilled beyond words if Mother landed this job. It would be about 1/2 the salary that she made when we lived in Florida but 100% more than the salary she is making now. See? No ego.

But I won’t lie, the ride back was hard. A few weeks ago the air conditioner on the car died. Not the cooling part, the fan part. So no air can be pushed through the vents. We can do ok in the warm months where we can roll the windows down, even though I feel horrible when I pull W out of his carseat and he is drenched in sweat from the hours that we spent in traffic. But when we start to need heat…sigh.

I’m hoping that the project that I have been working on will pay soon and that it will be enough to fix whatever it is that is happening with the car. It’s so incredibly frustrating to never be able to catch up. Sorry, I really don’t like to get this detailed here so I will fade out the money angst. I know everyone reading has their own money issues. It sucks.

So back to hoping, right? Because that is something I do well. I can hope. We’ve got our health, we’ve got food, we’ve got shelter, we’ve got friends, we’ve got each other.

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