Fearless children. Um. I have one of those. And as I am beyond cautious you would think that I would be enough of a buffer between W and the great big world out there. But I am not. Oh not by a long shot. He runs, full speed, into every moment of his life. Most of the time- like when he is eating watermelon off of the rind for the first time- this is awesome and amazing t behold. This running towards an experience, open arms is exhilarating to witness and sometimes capture with my camera.

But I am unclear how to show him caution. There are the obvious things that I teach caution about- not to touch the hot stove, not to run with sticks…But he is already such a color outside of the lines kid that I have to ask myself daily when I feel the urge to stop him from doing something, “do I want him to stop because it is dangerous to him and others or do I want him to stop because it is something I would never do?”

While there are many instances in life where I am a rule bender and proud rule breaker, for the most part I am a raise my hand and ask permission type. I am a read the directions and obey the posted traffic speed kind of gal. And I seem to have a son that burns the rule book and says, “let’s make it up as we go along!”

And I love that.

But it scares me.

And sure we can acknowledge that W is 17 months old and likely to have several personality morphs ahead of him, but right now, as we begin to get into the MOST willful and wow toddler moments ever I am trying to learn what is important and what I should let go.

What I’d love to hear from you guys is how do you safely and kindly and authoritatively convey that your child should slow down? Use caution? (bonus for help with inside voice)

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