Just as the weather is slowly easing into a new season, so is this amazing boy. It’s a bit overwhelming to keep up and I don’t always do such a good job of it. But part of this is learning to fly by the seat of my pants. Life will never be dull with W in it and I am thrilled for that.

He is vocal, loud, fast, silly, impish, stubborn, whimsical, deliberate, and pinging with energy at all times. He finds the music in the mundane and loves being outside. Outside is the only place that quiets him. He is boisterous and enthusiastic, boundary free and fearless.

He had his wellness exam this past friday and the nurses could barely keep him still to weigh and measure him. His doctor seemed charmed by W’s exuberance and smiled at me saying, “ahhh, you’ve got one of those toddlers.” And as W thrashed and kicked through the exam the doctor tutted at him, “all normal” as if he was saying, “don’t even try it, punk!”

And once again I thank the universe for W having a clean bill of health and access to health care and doctors that took time to answer my questions. I wish the nurses had better toddler foreplay, but by the end of the appointment we were secure in the measurements that had been taken.

For our goodbye to summer photo:
W in his element

And our hello to autumn:
Blue Jean Toddler

And some bonus cute, because it’s the weekend:
W and his lunch

W and his lunch

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