Wow. Looks like someone forgot to give everyone a theme for Photo Friday this week. Wednesday night Mom actually came up with a great theme and I was so excited to post it…but then I forgot. And here we are, all wrapped up in mid morning of friday and there are no new photos to explore over here.

(I am also having some problems with dependability on the image linky I was using. Which makes me all kinds of sad because I was really loving the thumbnail images.)

I’m going to peck around and look for a link solution for us, but in the meantime how about we have some photo fun this weekend? The weather right now is making me so happy. I’m not wearing socks yet, and I’m not in long sleeves, but there is a crisp in the air and it is divine. It’s apple cider weather. Open up your door and have a cup of tea in the evening weather.

Which means I am ready to say goodbye to summer.

This weekend let’s show off the best of our summer photos. A photo essay, if you will. I want to see the photo or photos that you will go back to in a few years and know- “oh that photo? That was from the summer of ’10.”

(Isn’t that a cool theme idea? Thanks Mom.)

Also- I have a fun post up about TV spoilers on WWTK if you want something fluffy on your Friday. (There’s a poll & everything!)

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