I started following  Maria Melee. on twitter when I saw her awesome design submission in the BlogHer design category. And then I started reading her blog when I realized that she is an amazing writer as well. Today she had a post up that inspired participation- bloggers writing about how they work.

Right now I can tell you this- I am doing it wrong….

I write on a gifted MacBook that I love and adore. I write and design at the kitchen table, stretched out in my bed (see previous post on knee and ankle sprain), or on the floor of my son’s room. I must consume coffee in order to work well. I must have some sort of socialization to break up the day. I can deal with music playing, usually, but if there are too many sounds I can’t focus at all. I work best in a cold environment with minimal interruptions.

Here is a current sample work day:

5:45am – W wakes

6:31am- As W slurps on his morning sippy milk I check my e-mail via phone, but since I am horrible at typing on my phone I mark 80% of e-mails read as “mark unread” and compose e-mails in my head.

7:00am- The Today Show begins (or as W calls it “The Yay Show” because of all of the Yays out on the courtyard). As W romps around my bed and waves at the tv I catch up on twitter for my account and the WWTK account.

7:40am- we head downstairs for breakfast. I make a vat of coffee for me and breakfast for W. No social media at the table!

8:00am- Mother takes W outside for some romping in the yard with the dog and I check that the WWTK post of the day has gone up ok, tweet the WWTK post, start to respond to e-mails, DRINK COFFEE, make a list of what needs to be done

9:15am- I clean W up and he goes down for his morning nap. I work on art and other to do items for Plaid House.

10:30am- W wakes up and I complain and moan and go all kinds of cranky about the short nap. I am so totally annoying that Mother offers to watch W until lunch.

10:50am- I try to respond to e-mails, I fail and get distracted by blogs or twitter or writing articles.

12:30pm- I make and serve lunch.

1:00pm- Frolic with W but spend much time wondering what isn’t getting done, am distracted parent, feel guilty. Lots.

2:50pm- I beg and plead and whimper and cajole and do all that I can to try and talk W into an afternoon nap.

3:00pm- If W naps I celebrate as this is my most creative time of the day and I dive in to whatever is the most urgent and screaming in my email inbox or to do list. If W does not nap I see if Mother will/can watch him but I usually am not as productive as I get distracted by wanting to play. If Mother isn’t able to watch W then we play and I try to push down the feeling like I am never going to finish anything with my urgent projects.

5:30pm- I begin making W’s dinner

6:30pm- W gets a bath

7:00pm- W goes to bed, I make supper for Mother and me. We watch a show on-line.

9:00pm- I try to catch up on e-mails. FAIL. I try to work on projects but if it is a creative project I usually have to give up as I am too tired to push through.

1:00am- I go to bed cringing that I still have all those e-mails to respond to…fuck

In an ideal world- a world where I could design my day- it would go something like this:

7:00am- wake up and have wonderful cuddle time and breakfast with W

9:00am- take W to kick ass awesome day care that is state of the art and free

9:15am- Work at home on computers that have never seen a rainbow wheel or been subject to a force quit

12:00pm- lunch magically shows up and my coffee mug is refilled

12:30pm- I continue to work

3:45pm- I turn off my computer for the day and go pick up W

We spend the evening learning thai chi and then prepare a yummy dinner. No one screams or throws food.

What is your work day when you have to work at home? How do you keep the day on track??

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