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So if I was my Mother and this blog was me I would be getting breakfast started and halfway through the, “six years ago today…” story. And my blog would be all, “Mooooooom, ew. I don’t want to hear about how I was born.” Silly blog. You are the holder are far more vivid details than the first theme I selected or my first post. But I am going to tell you anyway.

The dark polka dots theme on blogspot was what you were born into. And my first post? Oh it was a beauty all about how everybody else seemed to be blogging so I might as well get a blog too. (JOINER!!)

I already had 5 failed IUI’s under my belt and yet, wow, I was such an optimistic lass. Erstellen Mutterschaft – that was your first name, my dear. Creating motherhood in German. Or as as I later learned, Motherhood Creating. (oops!)

There have been several blog/life overlaps: anyone notice that I started my blog on the due date of what became the unpregnancy? Or how about that the fundraiser that raised the money that allowed me to conceive W began, to the day, a year before his due date? spooooooky!

Today we celebrate! Because today, dear blog, we are six! For six years you have given me a safe place to be myself. You have allowed me to share as much and as little of myself as I wanted to or needed to. You have brought me closer to friends that I have known for decades and you have brought me friends that I am certain I will know for many decades to come. You brought me community when I feared that I was all alone and you inspired me to grow as a woman, as a person, as a caregiver, as a daughter, as a friend, as a neighbor.

I thought it might be interesting to show some of the manifestations of my blog as it has changed over these 6 years and the best way to do that is to look at the headers I have used. Sadly I don’t have all of the headers that have graced the top of this page as quite a few died in the great computer/external hard drive fizz out of 2009, and virtually all of my headers from when I was at blogspot didn’t survive, but seeing all of these together does create a sort of snapshot of the evolution of this blog and, well, of me.

I thought about trying to do a giant recap of everything and just thinking about that is exhausting. If you’ve read me for six years you know it has been a long and meandering road and not something easily summed up. Heck, even if you just started reading me you know things are not tidy around these parts! But what I am bringing to this next era is hope. Just like the energy of my very first post- I’m still excited to be writing and sharing.

In the next six years I am looking forward to finding stability, getting healthy, embracing Motherhood, and maybe in a few years being able to be in a place where we can consider thinking about maybe talking about looking into what’s in a freezer in a clinic in the Northeast…

Above all else- thank you for reading. You may never know how very much your loyalty and friendship means.

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(*Note to my feed readers: there is a new look at Creating Motherhood, click over to check it out!)

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