This afternoon I had this far off memory of having something tucked away in a box and that maybe it was one of the small boxes here and not one of the large boxes away in storage. It was a simple tablet that I could use for drawing on my laptop and oh if I could put my hands on it…It was weird to suddenly have this flash of a feeling that I had the item here when I don’t remember seeing it before. But sure enough, just under some blank note cards and important family  documents, there it was- waiting for me. I am happy to be reunited with it and hope I can remember how to use it!

Next to this box was a small white bag. We have a couple of these white bags and count ourselves VERY lucky for having them. These white bags are the clothes that W will be growing into and are precious hand me downs given to us by friends and family members. Most of these things won’t be ready for him for another season, but I took a peak inside a bag with shoes and pulled out something that clearly looked like it would fit him now. And sure enough, after looking inside the size was right.

When W woke up from his nap I presented him with these shoes and his eyes got SO BIG. As big as the shoes. And we sat down and began the process of putting them on him. Putting barely worn cowboy boots on wiggly toddler feet is an aerobic sport. Thankfully W found the process delightfully amusing and giggled with each shove and tug. Finally they were both on his feet and he immediately wanted to show off to Lolly.

His personality changed with the boots on- he stomped and high-stepped and marched in such a cute way. A proud way. He knew that his feet had new adornments on them and they felt special.

We went outside and he ran up and down the sidewalk, back and forth, many times enjoying the feel and the sound. As a boot lover myself I know the feeling.

W in boots

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