As W becomes more and more and more and MORE active the question on my mind is not which sport he will be drawn to but when. He is his own buzzing orbit of energy drawing in the energy of those around him and spitting out those that can’t keep up. I can see already that he will be a portal to a world that I had zero interest in growing up. I never felt the urge to be sporty or be a part of a team sport. I was much more content sitting under a tree or inside a lovely air conditioned library reading about it.

The other day I had the realization that I was not bringing any sort of “home team” culture into W’s life. I know tons of people that root exclusively for athletic teams simply because they are born into it. Born in New York and you will either be a Yankees fan or a Mets fan- and chances are you will have very little say in the matter. I hear it is like religion that way. Facebook walls get decorated with babies in extra large football jerseys picked out by exuberant sports fan family members, kids start to love or hate colors depending on team sports…

Since my Grandparents lived in a college town there was much to do about university football. And while I was aware that a game was on based on the yelling coming from the den I could never be counted on to tell you who the players were or even the rules of the game. (um…I still can’t.)

I want to find W a home team. A team that we can learn about together, follow, support, and claim as our own. And if you know anything about sports you might have already guessed which team I immediately gravitated towards for W’s team: The Washington Nationals. (fyi- there might be some autoplay on the link)

Their logo is a giant W.

Washington Nationals in 1888

I was going to start doing research on them before I wrote this post- but that ruins the point. At this very moment I know next to nothing about baseball. I know some of the terms, some of the songs, that peanuts are involved. I have even been to a few games. I got the worst sunburn of my life at a Met’s game in Los Angeles (required 6 shots of cortisone). And I really, really liked the movie Bull Durham.

Next wednesday the Nationals play the Mets during the middle of the day. Cheap seat tickets are $10 each but I bet we won’t stay in the seats very long.  And if he doesn’t seem interested I won’t push it. I have a feeling he will love it though- mostly because he loves a good crowd.

So if you were going to ‘splurge’ on cheap seats which ones would you get? The ones at the top right or the ones in the bottom left? Will one be more in the shade? The top right is being called “Upper Right Field Terrace” and the bottom left is called “Upper Outfield Gallery”. Gallery sounds like it would be under cover…um…right?

which seats should we get?

I’ll keep you guys posted on how things progress- but input on how you introduce a home team would be appreciated!

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