I have always been a lover of fonts and typography – these days even more so. Suddenly I am aware of them all of the time and it brings life to every day products in a way that is fun and quirky. I don’t focus on the name of the cookie I focus on the swirl of the letters and think, “I NEED to know what that font is!”

(and I love that there is an app for that)

I focused my photos this week on objects that were right in front of me- literally. The buns on the shelf at the grocery store, the cookies that I found for a buck and enjoy fresh from the fridge on a hot night, the random activity book that W found in a playhouse at the church down the street. They all have words. Beautiful words with beautiful fonts.

Let’s see what words you found! The theme this week is WORDS. Add your image and the link to your blog and join in the fun of photo fridays!






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