I decided to try and capture the moment last night of W being rewarded with touching the light in the living room before going to bed. This was a reward for good behavior and almost didn’t happen. W has new toys for the bathtub- those colorful letters and numbers that stick to the tub. He can carry on with those guys for ages and ages and at some point I simply have to conclude bath/play time. If I were to let things continue I know that his energy level would increase and getting him calmed back down for bed would be brutal.

So I bet you all can imagine just how much he hates being asked, then told to allow me to get him out of the tub. Nothing quite so exciting as a flinging wet toddler that is *this* close to the head cracking capabilities of a bathtub. Because I am human I can understand that he is upset and even why he is upset. He wasn’t done playing!

(Toddler swearing is some funny fucking stuff.)

He began his travels to meltdown-land and I could tell that, even when presented with the reward for modifying behavior, it was going to be hard for him. The bathroom light- the ultimate prize- was not even on the table. But once I saw that he really was trying to calm himself down (which is just so amazing to me) I thanked him for changing his behavior and calming down. I told him that it was making it easier to change him and get him dressed. And he seemed to get that and calmed down even more.

His Lolly offered to put him to bed and he softly asked her, “the light?” and we both agreed that he could touch one light before bed. And then I told them they had to wait because I needed to photograph it.

W touches the light
W touches the light

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