Oh my goodness sakes has it really been THIS LONG since we last had a photo friday? I really hadn’t planned on giving photo friday the month off so let’s get things back into action, shall we?

A new theme! Woo!

This week I want to see photos of words. It can be words that inspire you, words that make you laugh, words that confuse you- words. The one thing that I will insist upon is that you submit an actual photograph of the words. Think of this as more about the art of happening upon words, not having words to go find. Does that make sense? Like I wouldn’t set out to go find the word, “happy” but I might find it on a flyer for a band playing.

It’s another opportunity to find the beautiful in the mundane. We see words everywhere and there is beauty in how they are out there. Find it, share it. Come back on Friday and put your link up and we can all love words together.

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