I was expecting to be more excited about the new Fall shows coming to television this year, but after writing a piece for Who Wants To Know I am not exactly doing cartwheels. There are a couple of shows that sound interesting and a couple of shows that I am already making fun of. (I mean you can’t honestly name a show Happy Endings and not have people giggle.)

While I have usually written about television here I am going to be writing about it a LOT more on WWTK so I want to make sure to give you a heads up from time to time when I have something up that I have put a lot of work into.

The post that is up over there today was something that I have wanted to do for a while- one of those posts that you think about as you are driving in the car, running errands, and then trying to find the time to put it together never seems to happen. It’s a post about the photo material that gets put out by a network months before a show airs and how much it does or doesn’t seem to be about what the show is about.

I have another HUGE post that I am working on that is related to television that I have literally been wanting to write for years and I can’t wait to share that with ya’ll. If you watch crime shows or mysteries or any show with a plot line revolving finding out who the bad guy/girl is you will dig it.

So come on over and let’s talk the Fall Television Lineup on WWTK and of course there is a pretty little poll for you to fill out. I do love a good poll!

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