Also known as the post where I spill it.

I am writing this post late in the evening on thursday and setting it to publish on friday morning. I hope that it will read well with your morning beverages and bagels. Mmmmmm. Bagels. You know I was *this* close to having a home-made bagel today. But that really isn’t relevant to the post and I really am going to try to stay on topic here. That might be difficult seeing as how I am running on very little sleep and my eyelids are propped open with bic pens. Yes. It hurts.

News I am NOT going to tell you:

1. I am not pregnant

2. I am not trying to get pregnant, meeting with RE’s, taking fertility pills, or have any news to report regarding my private areas

3. I am not getting married

4. I am not dating

5. I am not becoming a Muppet

6. I did not win an iPad at BlogHer  (dude! Did ANYONE?? Those raffles were rigged!)

7. Mother has not received a job offer

8 . There are no health issues that would fall into a blogworthy post

9. My feet have not shrunk

10. I still hate hot weather

So now we can talk about the stuff that really IS going on. Because, you guys, it’s so fun and exciting. And oh my goodness it has been so much work getting things all set up, but hopefully things will find their rhythm and I should just shut up already, right?

I came back from BlogHer inspired to create a mini network. I wanted to have a small little hub where I could write posts on different subjects from this blog and I invited some other bloggers to join me. We brainstormed on a name and a vision plan and we finally settled on the realization that we are experts. In some way we each have gained expertise in a variety of specific areas that we enjoy discussing and now we have a home for this.

I am so excited to welcome you all to Who Wants to Know?  Have a look at the Meet the Experts page and you might recognize some people! Dip into some of our early posts and know that we will be updating frequently. Follow us on twitter @whowantsblog to find out when new posts are published. If you have a request for an article feel free to submit it via our contact page. It’s the start of something new and I hope you will all enjoy the fun space!

If you give the Who Wants to Know site a thorough look you might be tempted to click on the plaid button on the side bar. And if you do you will see the really super HUGE news.

More on that later…

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