I am not even an inch caught up on all of the things that one needs to get caught up on when one goes out of town. And then there are the NEW things that I am trying to do while the iron is hot. And I am also oh so behind in precious, precious sleep. I promise this is not a bitch and moan post, far from it. It is sort of a, WHEEEEE!!!! I’m up to my chin in STUFF post. But I am super behind in e-mail and reading and writing back and really and truly telling you, emotionally and honestly, how the experience of my trip was. Because it was intense. It was surreal.

How about an adorable photo of an emo toddler wearing an adorable shirt? Shirt was made by Jen. Photo was taken by Lori’s daughter, and the baby was made by the internets.

Baby of the Internets

(aside- I just updated my wordpress and now my theme is being all wonky so add that as ANOTHER thing to deal with…but now I am off to storytime with W! Apologies for not being able to fiddle with the post the way I usually do.)

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