I feel like I have been away for ages instead of a few days. I want to plonk down my bags and grab a cup of coffee and sit down in the den and catch up with you guys. What have I missed? What is going on?

Being at BlogHer was wonderful. It honestly was. My only regret (which isn’t really a true regret, which will become clear once you realize that time travel is not possible) is that I wish it was not my first conference. I loved getting to meet people that I have “known” for ages and I loved learning about parts of the interwebs that I had no idea existed. I loved being welcomed into different communities and I loved all the great moments that happen when kind people that genuinly wanted to connect took a moment to truly do that- connect.

The only moments of panic were those sort of, “wait! Where is everyone going?” moments that must happen at every conference. Ripples of feeling like you are missing out on something AMAZING, or meeting someone AMAZING. And then reading the twitter stream and realizing that, yes, you are totally missing out on something. But truthfully- even within the small pockets of feeling left out of an impromptu whatever- I felt connected to people.

I will try to get all of the conference posts out of my system this week (you are welcome!) but today you will get mostly photos.

Martha Party
People I do not know at a party I was underdressed for

Martha Party
More people I don't know at a party

My people!
People I know! (Unwellness, LesbianDad and Lizawashere)

Martha Party
Briar and Me (Plaid sunglasses, people. Yes.)

famous athlete sighting. I think
Derek someone? Baseball something or other??

It's THE Todd Parr. He was super cool.

I point to my header, in case you didn't see it.

A view of a typical session

UppercaseWoman, Me, W, Unwellness (& try not to figure out where W's hand is)

My friends write books!
My Friends write books!

Another view of a typical session

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