Um…not going to do it well because Briar keeps talking to me and I can’t really hear. And I totally just missed who was on the panel. but I hear that they are very important.

So, wait. What is this panel about? Advice! Ok. Got that.

First I will set the scene because people are talking and I kind of tend to zone out when microphones are being passed around.

The room is full and other lady bloggers are clacking away on their technology devices. And there goes Briar again with saying something and people just laughed and I missed what they said. But it must have been really funny. Um…something about a hooker? And maybe someone on the panel is a former hooker? This is unclear…

Someone on the panel is saying she is a know it all. People are laughing.

Oh! A blogger I know just walked in and is sitting down in our row. HI!!

(my tummy just growled…)

(also? Very happy that it is cold in this room)

(Briar is looking at dirty photos on the internet and distracting other people in our row.)

Am learning about nudity and advice blogging. Wow. Who knew? And peeing in the shower. Again. Who knew?

Am also hearing that forum people are scary. When it comes to advice. In case you were wondering.

Someone is asking what to do when you are asked advice as a parent and you do not feel like a “parenting expert”. Panel is responding that it is a compliment. Also responding that they understand that- but they suggest to proceed as if they are an expert anyhow.

Going to hit publish now. Will try to do this again in another session…

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