This is a total mixed up files sort of post so hoist up the bottoms of your jeans and come on in.

First things first: The theme for this week’s photo friday is- TRAVEL. Yes I totally picked this theme because I am traveling and because it might be easier for me to find a moment to nab a travel themed photo between here and friday. You should feel free to share photos of planes, trains & automobiles. Old vacation photos. Photos from your secret time travel experiments. Backstage photos from that time you snuck in to a Traveling Wilbury concert…just seize the theme of TRAVEL and have fun!

Second things second: There is a BONUS opportunity for a weekly photograph this week. Oh yes, you heard me. Bonus. This week you can also take a photograph of cake. Yum. For more details go to Mel’s site and read about the 300th Friday Blog Roundup.

Third things third: A few weeks ago I was with a group of friends and we were talking as friends do and I realized that not one of these friends had seen one of my favorite movies. Now I kind of do have random art house movie taste when it comes to true favorites. (this is not the time where I confess to knowing pretty much every line to You’ve Got Mail. ooops.) So I can get it that not everyone has seen favorites number one or number two. But the fact that not ONE of these friends had seen my number three favorite film just floored me.

So I am going to the internets. Is this a more obscure film than I realized? Don’t google it yet, but have you seen the movie Walking and Talking?

[poll id=”4″]

And FINALLY– the part where you get to come on my road trip with me. Yes. I totally figured out how to make room for all of you in the Tahoe Hybrid that Chevrolet is letting me borrow to carpool to NYC. You guys are going to help me create the soundtrack for the trip.

Here is what I need: anthem music. empowerment jams. car dance boogie tunes.

Seriously- imagine me driving into NYC as the opening sequence to a movie and what song pops into your head. THAT is the song I need to know about.

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