First of all, I am officially O L D because I honestly can not remember if this trip happened in the summer before eight grade or the summer before ninth grade. When you are a kid that moves around a LOT the chronological bearings of youth can get oh so messed up. So let’s not go over this post with a fine tooth comb as it is being recalled. And like I said- I’m old. SO GET OFF MY LAWN!

So at some point during some summer during some point at the peak of my adolescence I was told that we were going to visit my Grandparents in Alabama. I’m pretty sure that Mother and I were living in Tennessee at the time. My Mother’s younger brother was in town visiting us and we were going to get in the car and have a little road trip down to ‘Bama. And either before we got in the car or as we were in the car my Mother went all, “you know what? I just don’t feel like driving.” And my Uncle went all, “yeah. Me either.” And I went all, “are you guys talking to me? I’m 13.”

And because I am usually pretty much a go with the flow kind of gal this is how we ended up at the airport and I never raised an eyebrow. I mean, sure it was exciting to be flying to Alabama. But I come from an eccentric family, so I never questioned that “I don’t feel like driving” would mean “let’s fly instead”.

On the plane I probably read Sassy magazine (oh how I miss you, Sassy) and zoned out. Mother and Uncle were in chipper spirits and the flight was jam packed. I don’t remember the pilot making any announcements and I don’t remember paying attention to anything that wasn’t right in front of me. (yay teenagers!)

I just remember landing and Mother and Uncle unbuckling their seat belts and looking at me with these wild looks in their eyes and waiting for this big reaction. Except they didn’t get one. Because why would they? We had landed in Alabama. woo??

We got off the plane and the airport was a zoo. Something was different, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. More crowded? Bigger posters? Louder? Mother dragged me over to an airport employee and in all of her adorable glee said something like, “can you tell this girl where she is?!!!!”

Which, um, probably not the best thing to do. The airport person thought there was some sort of “situation” happening and there was some fast talking and within the fast talking I began to understand: HOLY SHIT ON A CRACKER! I was in New York City!!!

And from there it’s all a blur. Well most of the specifics are a blur. But a giant seed is planted- a sort of knowing- as I watch the hustle and bustle- I know that when I grow up I will live in New York. I know that it would be my home. And it was. At the perfect time in my life, for the perfect length of time.

This post is part of me getting into a New York state of mind. It’s also one of the posts ya’ll said you wanted to hear. So there. Tomorrow look for Calliope’s freshman year in NYC.

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