Sometimes the only way to deal with the dark is to turn the light on. And sometimes the best way to turn the light on is to make light. Which is why I am wrapping myself up in the comfort of this week’s photo friday theme: Play!

Once upon a time I might have looked at this theme and immediately gone to the theatre place. I might have tried to capture an arty photo of footlights or a messy makeup counter backstage. Or maybe I would have gone for a literal depiction of a beautiful long shelf at one of my favorite bookstores, Shakespeare & Co.

But now I think of my budding dramatic scholar, the squeaking ambling boy that is in one instant trilling with all the joy the universe has ever seen and in the next instant on the floor screaming because he is not allowed to rip the pages out of a book or eat an electrical cord.

Most of his play is done with a sidekick these days, and since it is so hard to capture that exact moment of play I thought I would share a solo photo of his buddy, Alice. Alice is his Ikea lovey that he picked out all by himself. She goes everywhere, experiences everything and is a witness to all W adventures.

(and thankfully I was able to purchase three bunnies when they were all at clearance prices- HUGE phew!)

In this photo she is recovering from an unfortunate accident that involved an experimental dunking in a kiddie pool. She basked in the afternoon sun for a few hours, enjoyed a brief turn in the dryer on very low heat and was ready for snuggles & dreaming by bedtime.

W's Alice

So what photo do you have to share? Add your image and the link to your blog and join in the fun of photo fridays!

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