schlub7I can not even begin to tell you how amazing everything is right now. It is ALL brand new. Everything. The entire world.

This is what it is like for W every minute of every day right now. This walking thing? The being upright and being able to GO and DO and grab things at previously verboten levels is just about too much for his little body.

Ya’ll have seen the video where he squeaks. He did it when he learned to crawl. He did it when he learned to walk. And he continues to do it daily, hourly, every minute of every day.


Oh the bliss of a doorknob. The awe over everything. I really feel like we have turned the page on our relationship and it is so exciting to have him turn to me or Mother and see him want to know things. We are explaining so much more now. Showing more. Listening more. Watching more. Observing the world.

I’m a parent.

Which brings me to the new theme for photo friday this week: PLAY!

How do you play? Is it computer games, car dancing, skipping, mind games with evil co-workers? What is something that brings you joy or glee within your day?


?And now a question: What do I bring with W when I drop him off at daycare for the day in NYC? Food? Diapers? Clothes? How much? What does a typical daycare bag consist of?

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