So last night was this totally awesome and amazing and very much looked forward to pre BlogHer DC meet up. And this is the post where I was going to write about all of the amazing and fun people I met and how no one made fun of my ass and no one seemed to point and snicker at me for being there and that all of my pre BlogHer anxiety had melted away. It was the post where I was going to go all- BRING IT!

Except then then a giant, massive, in your face, all up in your business severe weather situation happened in the metro DC area. Tornado warnings, people going medieval on the local power company via passive aggressive tweets, and slowly many of the people that I had looked forward to meeting disclosed that they would not be able to venture forth.

Rainy Sunday

I was bumming because I had already realized that I was not only going to miss the pre conference meet up but also a birthday party of a good friend (and a chance for W to show off his zombie walking skills to his local pals). When crazy weather is coming we have to really evaluate whether (ha!) or not it is manageable as we are a good hour from town and with extra crazy traffic it could make for some pretty crummy night time driving.

Then the power went out. And along with it the water. (the water here comes from a well and it is connected to a well pump that needs power to pump) I was furious at myself for delaying a shower to the last minute (so I could be fresh for the party people!!!) and so now I was frumpy and hot and what the heck was I going to do with W to keep him amused without getting him overheated…blah.

Thankfully (HURRAH!!! so so so so lucky) the main house power came back on a few hours later and we were able to turn a fan on and cool back town. The rain bringing the temperature down helped a lot too. Not having water is a bummer, but we have plenty of bottled water and luckily there are no dirty dishes. Hopefully things will get restored soon- although there have been some brutal rumors about delays…

Mostly I just hate that I missed out on two things that I was really looking forward to. Oh weather…

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