I promise to not to talk about it as if my entire life is consumed by it at the moment, but there is something pretty big about to happen and I haven’t really blogged about it at ALL because whenever I have read other people blogging about it I have totally gone to the super pout place. But you guys, it is kind of super exciting, and I have been dropping hints, and it isn’t like it is a surprise

I am going to BlogHer.

That alone is super cool, but there is extra sprinkles that is making it even cooler for me. I was selected to be a team leader for a Chevrolet carpool. Which means that I will be driving a car of other local bloggers (& a pretty cute toddler that squeaks) and we don’t have to stress about parking or train schedules or any of the other stuff I was prepared to fret about. I’ll write more about this later once I have more information, but I do have a fun group project for us regarding the road trip…

Also really exciting- getting to stay with a great friend and her beautiful daughters.

Then there is having a built in party date and conference guide/ social anxiety calmer-downer.

Oh, and last week? I found out that thanks to the design of my masthead of this blog I am a finalist in the design category for Voice of the Year. I actually submitted myself because I was proud of the way it came out. It was a huge deal for me to step back, look at my work, and feel like it was good enough to toss into the ring with commercial designers. Getting the e-mail that I was a finalist and one of the “90 Voices of the Year” honestly made me cry. Imagine Sally Field circa 1985 with about 100 extra pounds, an extra foot and a half in height, a Miss Clairol dye job, and plaid boots…that was me. You like me!!!!!!! And crying.

(I don’t quite understand what the auction and art aspect of the gala is- but I am most curious to find out what art my header inspired! I wonder if someone is out there knitting a sweater inspired by it or something…)

There are now tons of random e-mails landing in my inbox inviting me to visit a certain booth or offering me suggestions on places to eat in New York. Ha! If only they knew that I was the gal researching if my food stamp card will work in the Big Apple so that I can pick up milk and cereal bars for W while we are in town…

I have a feeling it will be overwhelming. The buzz in and around the conference. The twitter stream is already exploding with people talking about clothes and shoes and hairdos and facials and pedicures and I am trying to quiet out that part of it so that I don’t feel like I am missing out on something. I know that this conference is a different entity to different people. I so get that. But you should see the hastags that are flying around!

Personally I am looking forward to meeting up with bloggers that are old friends, maybe meeting bloggers that I have long admired and read, and hopefully learning some new tricks that will make the next six years of Creating Motherhood a groovy new chapter. I am nervous about having W with me, even though he is enrolled in a daycare and will be fine. But it will just be a new experience for both of us.

As we get closer to the conference I will be writing more. How about we do this family style? I’ll attach a poll with possible post ideas. You tell me what sounds interesting and then this will play out for your reading amusement. (you may select three- some of which are obviously not possible to write about until after the conference) [OOOOPS! Fixed the error in the poll. You can now vote for 3. Sorry!]

(and if there is something you want to hear about pre conference speak up- I’m all jittery in general.)

[poll id=”3″]

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