Oh it is sooooooooooooo hard to have photos in storage right now because all I want to do is visit all of the pets that I had in my childhood. I searched through all of my photos on Flickr and only found one hint of a pet (that wasn’t Admiral Wyatt or BG) so that is what I will share with you guys today. This is the tail of a kitty named “cat friend” that we had when we lived in Northern California.

with cat tail

The other photo is one that I must have uploaded to Flickr around the same time as the above one. It just makes me smile because I can see here how much W looks like me as a baby. (except for the earrings and ruffled diaper butt- I wonder if bumgenius will ever come out with a ruffles line….hmmmmm)

not W

So let’s see your adorable pet photos. I wasn’t kidding when I said I needed cheering up. It’s been a shin kicking kind of week. And I haven’t even had a moment to write about all the fun we’ve been having dealing with prescription drug assistance programs.

If you are participating (& you totally should!) please leave the url of the post of your blog where the photos are showcased in the linky box below. You can add your url whenever- don’t worry if it isn’t a friday. Visit other contributors and let them know what you think of their photographs!

To find more information about photo Fridays (as well as the code for a sidebar or post graphic) you can go here.

If you have a problem getting your image to work let me know in the comments and I will grab the image from your site and add it once I am back on line later today.


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