SCATTERGORIES – it’s harder than it looks! Play here or let me know in the comments if you play on your blog. (note to those new to the game: these don’t have to be actual truths. If it helps- replace the word “you” in the questions & substitute it with “someone”.) Play on & use your imagination! Use the first letter of the answer to the first question to come up with answers for the rest. There is no wrong answer!

1. What is your favorite cool drink?

2. Something you would put on or take off when hot?

3. Something you would yell if overheated?

4. Some place you would love to travel to if the temperature was above 90 degrees?

5. Something you would do in a rolling blackout?

6. Something you would listen to with the top down? (I mean of your hypothetical convertible, but feel free to get creative)

7. Something you would rather be doing right now?

8 . Some place that will always be hotter than where you are today?

9. Something that sizzles when it touches the sidewalk?

10. Something that goes well with a barbecue?

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