Usually I try to get the theme for photo fridays up on tuesday but this week I am coming at you early because I have a feeling this theme will take some work.  Emotional work. I received this theme like a tug at my ear in my e-mail inbox last week. A little voice going, “um…excuse me…um…but…I think we need this…” And maybe we do.

So a quick backstory. Super quick. It took me a long time to become a Mother. Too long. And while I was on the path I did a lot of hating on myself. A LOT. I actually became very good at hating pretty much everything about myself because I lived within a giant, grey cloud of failure. I wanted this one thing, this one SPECIFIC thing and each month my body let me down. In turn I let her down by overeating, drinking too much, pulling away from joyful things and people, closing off parts of myself that once made me happy.

It fucking sucked.

So this e-mail from Genevieve was a reminder of a dark and stormy place. It was also a realization that while I know that I am not where I want to be exactly in terms of my emotional and mental health I am sooooo much better and sooooo much more proactive. I can see a panic attack or an evening of depression looming ahead and I can take control of the moment and make it better. Because I want to. Wallowing just isn’t that fun for me anymore. (not all the time at least)

Genevieve wrote:

Infertility so frequently makes us feel horrid about ourselves, whether it be mental, emotional, or physical. So I think we should throw out a self-love challenge. Find something about ourselves we DO like, something we are proud of, a feature, a trait, a skill, anything that gives us a chance to promote some self-love for ourselves.  A way to remind ourselves of our self-worth, that we are strong and beautiful.

So what is the theme for Photo Friday this week? What I like about ME.

Even if you never battled fertility, never tried and failed at something, if you are reading this blog there is a good chance that you are a woman. And if you are a woman you are more likely to hate on yourself. Awesome. So let’s cut it out this week and showcase the good stuff. The stuff that makes us beam with pride. Do you make an amazing breakfast? Do you car DJ like no one else? Do you have a skill that makes you proud? What do you like about yourself? It can be physical, or it can be a skill…just something that you KNOW that you rock. And if you are thinking and thinking and thinking and still shrugging your shoulders ask your blog readers or twitter followers or facebook friends. Chances are they know something awesome about you otherwise they wouldn’t hang around your fine, fabulous self!

To get things rolling here is a poll of a sampling of skills that you might have. Check all that you can do!


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