I have enjoyed asking other participants of Photo Friday to pitch in with ideas for the weekly themes. (have a theme you are convinced is all kinds of brilliant? Let me know…or maybe, just maybe, if you participate this week I will feel this brilliant energy pinging off of you and will know to call on you for next week’s inspiration. But we won’t know unless you participate. As they say, you gotta be in it to win it.)

So last week I dug the idea of someone out there spending their afternoons outside on a retro couch and looking out over her garden. That’s nice, right? That’s what Stephanie’s afternoon delight was. And I figured this was a gal that HAD to have an idea for us for this week.

And she didn’t disappoint. But first I have to pause and honor a fellow flow chart thinker. Also known as a tangent conversationalist. You see I am a TOTAL tangent gal. Big time. And I consider a friendship a success if I have found a friend that can either steer me back on course or one that doesn’t give a shit where I have veered us off to in our chat.

If you suddenly find yourself talking about healthcare but you started off talking about peaches, why hello, you are a tangent gal. The BEST kind of tangent gals (and sadly I am not this kind) are the ones that really can reverse the dialogue and tell you how you got from peaches to health care. (you were talking about the pits and that made us talk about 90210 and the peach pit and that made us talk about beverly hills and then we talked about weezer and then we were off on asthma and BAM! health care.)

What was I saying?


So Stephanie sent in this week’s theme and if you are a flow chart or tangent gal you will so appreciate it. Which is why I will share it how it was sent to me.

So, I was just looking down at this silly chihuahua that we’re fostering and got my idea.  Little background, I’ve always been a person who mocks those who own little dogs.  Just insert your typical snark about them here.  And then this little foster, Micro (because he really is one of the smallest dogs I’ve ever seen–though I didn’t name him) came into our lives and I can’t get enough.  It was shocking to me, as are a few of the things I’m enjoying about living in Utah again.  So that got me thinking about unexpected loves.  What are yours?  Something you simply adore but, had you been asked in the past, you never would have predicted it to be so.

seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???????? Tangent girl. TOTAL tangent girl. But you can like diagram the way that thought happened and I fucking love that.

So to repeat the theme is: Unexpected loves (and try to think outside of the box, it will be very dull if everyone has a photo of me)

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