I love those small trays next to registers. Some have a sign, some don’t, but inside there is a small collection of coins. Mostly pennies, sometimes some silver change will make its way in, but not often. If there is a sign it might say, “Take a penny, leave a penny”- it is something we have all come to be familiar with. If we have the spare change at the end of our transaction and we notice the tray I imagine most of us would happily leave a penny or two or three. But I wonder how many of us would feel comfortable taking a penny if we needed it. Like maybe there is a spectrum of need and you feel that if you take 3 pennies from the tray that you are then going to be the reason why someone won’t be able to afford to buy a loaf of bread that evening.

I will confess that some times I have been the woman that has taken all of the pennies. And I also have been the women that left silver change. I do what I can, when I can. And I am thankful that others walk around the planet living the same way. I don’t feel owed or entitled but I do feel responsible for others and if I am in a position to help I always will. And I am beyond blessed and lucky to know many people that live the same way.

Moving away a bit from pennies and spare change- but sort of on the same thread of thought- I started thinking about advice. I probably ask for advice more than I give it. I rarely feel like an expert on anything and I also worry that if I were to give advice without someone asking for it that I would become THAT asshole. But I also know that there are many people that don’t ask advice because they worry that people will think they are stupid. Or some other random reason. Or maybe people want to ask advice but they worry they might offend the person they are asking. I can think of many reasons why a person might stop themselves from asking a question- and at the end of the day where does that get us?

This is probably why so many letters to advice columns are submitted anonymously.

And now, the point of this post, FINALLY! I’d like to ask some advice about advice ad2some things and I want to invite you to ask my readers at large for advice on anything you have been wondering about. (yes you. If you are reading then you are a YOU.) I am lucky to have a broad spectrum of broads reading so I hope that no question would be too obscure to find an answer to.

Feel free to ask food questions, cleaning questions, parenting questions (but do know that not everyone that reads here is a parent or is even trying to be), sex questions (blush), creativity questions, fertility questions, yard work questions, YOU NAME IT. If you have been wondering about something- on the verge of seeking out a google, try asking a reader here first.

This is a participation post. Get involved. Do NOT think that you have nothing to offer. Even if you just want to chime in with a, “me too! I have been wondering the same thing!” My comments are threaded so you can respond to each request for advice directly. And if you try some advice let us know how it works for you.

Be kind, have fun, and let your readers know that an open ended advice exchange is happening here and that they are most welcome to participate.

If you feel nervous about your question you may opt to be anonymous, but hostile questions or cruel responses are not cool and will be deleted.

As soon as I click publish I will post my two questions in the comments.

I am looking forward to learning a lot!

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