Sorry for the delay in getting the photo friday post up. I was, um, sleeping. Which seems kind of permissible considering this week’s theme.

I thought this would be an easier theme for me, but to be honest I was challenged by it. I had visions in my head about capturing some moody and dark evening landscape, but by the time dark thirty rolled around I was in bed trying to stay awake to watch the last few minutes of So You Think You Can Dance.

And I am wondering which brilliant and clever photographer will simply submit an image of a black square. (because that brilliant gal was almost me. heh)

I finally, finally got a shot that I like late last night. I had to go downstairs for one more trip to the loo before going to sleep and Mother’s cats followed me down. They like to do cat like dances in the kitchen in the evening. Twirling around chairs and being all mysterious. It was dark so I decided to use a super slow shutter speed. I placed the camera on the floor to reduce hand shake and snapped. One minute later the shutter closed and the photograph was captured and I love it.

You can see Earl still and curious by the chair, but the waft of a grey silhouette is Mary, who is never still. Unless there is a pool of sunshine involved.

night in the kitchen

If you are participating (& you totally should!) please leave the url of the post of your blog where the photos are showcased in the linky box below. You can add your url whenever- don’t worry if it isn’t a friday. Visit other contributors and let them know what you think of their photographs!

To find more information about photo Fridays (as well as the code for a sidebar or post graphic) you can go here.

As a courtesy to members of the ALI (adoption, loss, infertility) community, if your photo or photos feature a child please put an * after your name.

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