I just logged into my blogspot blog, the one I have so that I can comment on blogger only blogs (grr) and the one I use to play around and try out different looks for people looking for some design input on their blogs. So I logged in ready to activate a theme that I know someone is using so that I can adjust the width of their header to now match their desire to have a three column blog. All this is totally beside the point- the POINT is that blogger has a totally new, totally user friendly, totally amazing blog template customizing tool. And as much as I loooove making headers for people and adding some splash to their blogs I know that there are people out there that like to tinker and play and get their own hands dirty when it comes to how their page looks.

So if you have blogger and you haven’t clicked the link that says, “Template Designer” you are missing out. Big Time. Currently it comes loaded with four templates but each template has a slew of different varieties AND within those varieties there are tons of unique way to customize things. I’m actually a little envious of you blogger people because you are in for some fun. No need to worry about code, no need to worry about how a change in color will look- every change is visible as you play and if you like it you just click “apply”.

I’m not sure if this is available for all blogspot bloggers yet- but here are some screen shots for you to keep an eye out.

I am still a big time lover of wordpress and self hosting, it is empowering in a way I never thought possible. But the landscape of the blogosphere is about to get very groovy and that excites me. Here is where I confess to totally pouting when I see that someone is using a template “out of the box” with no customization.  I know that for some things are as simple as possible because there is a fear of screwing something up and then POOF! there goes the blog. But now, all of you dears with your sparse blogs and quiet bling- now you can go bananas!

And obviously if you are interested in a custom header you know how to reach me.

EDITED TO ADD: Just realized that if you want access to this feature you need to log into http://draft.blogger.com/

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