Sorry for all of the fluff on the blog this week, but I’m just gritting my teeth and focusing on not stressing over why the phone has not rung yet. Sometimes I just need small stuff to focus on. I have been working on some header art that I was very behind on (still have a few more to finish) AND I am working on some ideas for some new pre-fab headers (including one for someone that likes to sew/be crafty and one for someone that is a nature grrrl).

So basically what I am saying is, it’s MEME time. Good lawd it has been ages since I have done a meme and I know it has been even longer than that since I was tagged for one. I’m not a fan of playing “it” with memes as it feels non inclusive. Instead consider this an all-play. If you need something to distract yourself or something to nudge you into posting. (& there are quite a few of you, ahem, that have been way too unbloggy for my liking. Aren’t you impressed that I didn’t call anyone out BY NAME? I may not be so classy next week. bwa ha ha!)

And now a meme from the archives. I originally posted this on November 18, 2006. My blog is totally about to start kindergarten! I’ll post my answers in the comments and you can do the same OR use this to propel you to the land of clicking “publish” on your blog dashboard. Just let me know if you did so I can dust the cobwebs from your url and hug you.



Not as easy as you might think…

1. Yourself:

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend:

3. Your hair:

4. Your mother/stepmother:

5. Your dog:

6. Your favorite item:

7. Your dream last night:

8. Your favorite drink:

9. Your dream car:

10. The room you are in:

12. Your fear:

13. What you want to be in 10 years:

14. Who you hung out with last night:

15. What you’re not:

16. Muffin:

17: One of your wish list items:

18: Time:

19. The last thing you did:

20. What you are wearing:

21. Your favorite weather:

22. Your favorite book:

23. The last thing you ate:

24. Your life:

25. Your mood:

26. Your best friend(S):

27. What are you thinking about right now?

28. Your car:

29. What are you doing at the moment?:

30. Your summer:

31. Your relationship status:

32. What is on your TV?:

33. What is the weather like?:

34. When is the last time you laughed?:

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