So we are in the trash, keep, donate, sell phase of moving. The next step is figuring out the best way to get our stuff up to our new location. Do we get a truck and load it ourselves? Do we get a truck and pay someone to load it? Do we pay a service that has a truck to load it? And then what do they DO with the stuff? Should we have it stored here in Florida and then pay to have it shipped up once we have a permanent address? Or do we go ahead and move it up north and just store it somewhere semi random?

Of course if money was no option or a company was relocating us this would be insanely simple, but when every dollar needs to be accounted for things can get stressful and scary.

Case in point- I thought this one company would be totally awesome. I won’t say the name as you can infer on your own, but basically this company would deliver a large pod-like unit to your driveway and you could load it at your leisure and then they would store it and ship it out when you are ready. And based on the on-line quotes it seemed ideal. Maybe even perfect. But then a bit of time digging and searching on consumer affairs and BBB and this place does not seem on the up and up.

So then I started researching local moving companies. And wouldn’t you know almost all of the companies had reviews available to be read via google. And wow! Some of the companies just seem so awesome and fair. But then I noticed that the rest of the reviews were kind of robotic and unhuman. And then I noticed that other people had noticed this and wrote their actual reviews. You know the kind that lets us know that the companies in question broke things, stole things, gave quotes and then did not honor them.

I found one company that was local that I even spoke to on the phone. The woman on the phone was a great salesperson and I felt safe and protected and excited that it was a good deal. She proposed that we box up our own stuff (we already planned on that) and then pay her team an hourly rate to load up one of their trucks. Then they would store the stuff here in town and when we had an address they would move the stuff up for us. AND we could save costs by “piggy-backing” with someone else moving up north.

The price sounded fair. The plan sounded easy.

And then I checked the BBB and this company has a D+. Sigh…

We are just nervous as we are totally ripe for ripping off: broke, desperate, gals. Blah.

Anyone done an out-of-state move on their own with little funds/man power? Got advice or warnings? Bring it. (please)

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