Quick, meadering question as I am going a bit crazy from house/packing chores and existing on not very much sleep.

What the hell is the secret to getting W to be consistent with naps? We are on a schedule, he is doing well with sleeping through the night in his own crib. But naps? He gives naps the middle finger and it is driving me bonkers.

I mean doesn’t he realize that I am trying to do a bajillion things and that I schedule those things to be done when he naps??

So nap time happens, W has been fed, changed, and is showing signs that he is ready for a nap. I put him in his crib: sound machine goes on, mobile turns on, pacifier goes in, he is quiet, turns his head, looks dreamy, I sneak out.

Five minutes later he is screaming. SCREAMING.

I use the same CIO technique that eventually worked for him in the evening but it is not working during the day.

So how long does he hang in his crib and I keep doing the every 10 minutes check in? When the schedule says it is time to get up do I just get him up or is the goal for him to stay in the crib until a nap happens.

Because holy hell it is NOT happening.

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