One year ago today a kind and lovely tech in a Northeast fertility clinic thawed two embryos and piped some Barry White tunes into the lab. I dared to hope. I dared to believe.

It’s not a question that I will attempt to answer here: the, “when did W begin” question. But I do know that the actions that lead to his place in my life were in motion long before he was an embryo. His journey into my family began years and years ago. The twists, the turns, the set backs, the hurt, the pain, the bleeding, the sorrow. They were all moments that could have derailed me and in some instances they certainly delayed me.

So with so many variables in the fact that is W I find myself reaching out to touch the dates that have been most significant for us. April 1, 2008 was the day the internets reached through the computer and helped begin the process to make an FET possible. July 13, 2008 was the day embryos were thawed. And July 14, 2008 was the day that “what would become W” became a part of me.

To look back to one year ago…so much has changed.

summer iotas

with charlie

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