I have been thinking a lot about what makes a person happy. Even wrote a post about optimism over here. And while good health, good family, and good faith can go a long ass way to attaining happiness, there are some other things that can do the job in a pinch.

And since I am feeling especially happy now that something majorly awful* has now been fixed I thought I would open up the discussion on what things make YOU happy- even if it is just the idea of it.

(*you know you live in Florida when your air conditioner dies in what turns out to be the prologue to a 4 day aria of heat wave hell and when the repair man finally shows up you learn that the reason for the broken down unit is a rotting dead corpse of a lizard that has literally warped and corroded the wires. EW!)

So here is my list of things that make me happy divided in two easy to muse on lists- attainable and not.


  • TV! I have been happy by many things on tv these days. I am also excited about things to come. Currently this list includes: Law & Order: CI (oh snap is Jeff Goldblum a hot mess!), anything Dickens on Masterpiece Theatre, My Boys on TBS (tell me you guys are watching this show), No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Being Erica (yes it is on Soap- but it is so good) and counting down the days for The Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance.
  • Reading to W
  • Ice coffee
  • Counting down the days for a visit with Dr. Molly, my dear friend (& one of W’s Godparents), also plotting how we can keep her down here…
  • fiber pop tarts- yes. For real. The chocolate flavored one is the awesome.

Not Attainable– but still the idea makes me smile:

  • Active Wii. Just saw this demonstrated on tv and damn does it look cool. Not that I even have a Wii, but I am a sucker for a good demo.
  • iphones. Which, for anyone that has called me on my cell, is most certainly a joke as I SUCK with cell phones. But doesn’t the IDEA of an iphone just make you happy? I think I like to imagine a happy life style that would go along with it.
  • That cube car that is always advertised during Heroes. Cute, right?
  • Reading about new books in magazines and imagining sitting in a cold climate cafe and reading for hours.

So what attainable and not attainable things make you happy these days?

(& honestly the reason I am clinging on to how to get happy is because Mother and I have been watching the Alzheimer’s project on HBO and sobbing at a reflection of our life that is so accurate it shocks us.)

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