Defining myself: I am a writer

I am a writer

It’s been nearly a month since I lost my job. Job searching has been a process. It’s made me realize I don’t know who I am. It’s also made me realize there are a lot of things I LOVE to do. Twice in my life I feel like I was defined by my job - when I ...

The Integration Hypothesis: thoughts from attending a panel


Last week I was invited to attend an event in New York called: The Integration Hypothesis, Can breaking developmental silos make a difference for women and girls? Johnson & Johnson partnered with FHI 360 and Women Thrive Worldwide to host this panel on how integrated delivery of development solutions can improve education, health, incomes, infrastructure ...

Hear My Voice: Episode One with Kymberli Barney

Hear My Voice

The moment I decided to jump into podcasting I wanted to be able to interview people. As much as I think it is an interesting way to archive my written posts, conversations with people are much more fascinating. The interviews I have been able to do thanks to my gig at Babble have always been ...

I was missed: a story from water class

Ruth St. Denis in Greek Veil costumeRuth St. Denis in Greek Veil costume

I continue to be thankful for the feeling of moving in water. As I lifted my legs towards the surface of the pool and jumped and twisted I actually felt graceful and light. Not having the weight of my body lifted the weight of thinking about my body – something I usually do when I am working out. Even jogging from one end of the pool to the other was smooth. I was glass. I was ice. I was a diamond.