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Social Ambassador for Social Good

having a seat at the table

I was recently invited to be a Social Influencer for Social Good for Johnson & Johnson. When they first reached out to me I thought it sounded like a lovely idea, but I didn't really want to be in some massive group of people. I like to get more involved. When I found out the group was not only incredibly small, but that being in the group now … [Read More...]

Plaid Life

Plaid Life

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then I got a haircut

I'm in the, "I don't think this was a good idea" place right now. It looked fine, good even, leaving the haircut place at the mall. But after a wash it is doing what I was most afraid of: triangle hair. The good news is I can still get it up into a small and … [Read More...]

haircut needed

portrait of a woman in need of a haircut

The last time I had a haircut was during the filming of The Fault in Our Stars. I know this because I donated the 11 inches of my chopped off hair to #HairforHazel. I couldn't remember exactly what the date of the haircut was so I did a search for the movie … [Read More...]

Rufous hummingbird

hummingbird fly by

As I put the car in park in front of the house this morning I happened to glance up and spot a bird who was hovering just over my neighbor's shrubs. I was completely surprised, shocked to be honest, I haven't seen a bird like this in years: not since my family … [Read More...]

George Bellows - Bethesda Fountain

unclaimed dates

Our calendars are always filled with reminders about certain dates, but at some point we no longer need to write the reminder down. Then our minds become a clutter with unclaimed dates as you land on a specific day and vaguely remember it once had … [Read More...]

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