the power of kindness

kindness on mom birthday

Yesterday was my mother's birthday. W and I picked her up early from her office and took her to a chain restaurant I had a nice coupon for. The restaurant was just at the start of dinner service so it wasn't overly crowded. It was cozy and just right. But I have worked in the restaurant ...

Embracing the 40th birthday

Turning five

There is an interesting duality about a 40th birthday. I feel compelled to embrace the age, the era, and celebrate the achievement of arriving at a new decade of life. But then I feel silly. My birthdays haven't been a big deal for me for about twenty years. So what's the BIG DEAL now? When I ...

I Know Santa

holiday image for santa

Several years ago I spent the early part of December feeling like the worst mom ever. I didn't think Santa would be making much of a visit. The mom guilt was massive. Christmas is about many things, and while it isn't the MOST important thing, the unwrapping of gifts is certainly up there. When you can't ...

Our Winter Mini Vacation to Elaine’s in Cape May

Scrooge at Elaine's in Cape May

Since we have lived in Pennsylvania, my family has enjoyed many summertime visits to the beaches in New Jersey. This year, however, we opted to skip the beach over the summer and check it out during the cooler months. We are not your typical beach family: we love cool weather and great gusts of wind. ...

what it’s like to be us


We are silly. We are serious. Seldom silent. Super strong. Arms embracing. Often wrong. Fits of laughter. Chapters and chapters. Stories with no endings. Updates pending. Infinity.