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creative alphabet


When W started preschool this year he had problems holding a pencil. Where other kids in his class were mastering how to write their name, we were celebrating that he could create a W. After a few short weeks of school and early intervention things began to change. I'll never forget the afternoon I picked up W from school and his teacher asked me … [Read More...]

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Dresden makes a video about 7 billion liters

7 Billion Liters Served

Every time you use the hashtag #7billionliters on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram from April 15 through Earth Day on April 22, P&G will donate an additional liter of … [Read More...]

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springing it

You say Spring, we say how high?

I could say you have no idea how thrilled we are to be back in playground weather again, but I am betting you ABSOLUTELY know how thrilled we are. Being able to run around outside and be with other families after school is amazing. Hello Spring! The big … [Read More...]

playground birthday party

It happened!

That's how W woke up this morning: announcing "it happened!" Of course "it" being that he had turned five. The birthday fairy had left him a room full of balloons, a new light saber tooth brush, and gifts hidden around upstairs. We then went downstairs to … [Read More...]



I realized last night that pretty much EVERYTHING here is about W. I'm cool with that. A lot of who I am is connected to his being on the planet and making sure his journey here is great. It's not all of me though. Spring is coming and with the thaw I really … [Read More...]

one more week of four

One More Week of Four

It is raining and my allergies are prolonging a cold that will not quit me. In one week I will be frantically stuffing items into the back of the car and getting ready to help W's friends celebrate this marvelous thing called TURNING FIVE. His wishes for the … [Read More...]

he reads

It’s not how you play the game

One of the things we are working on with W right now is the scale of his reactions. That sounds kind of ridiculous to say because a nearly five year old kid has a very large scale. W's scale, in particular, isn't so much large as it is fast. The speed in which … [Read More...]

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