Same (ish) age: My Mother and Me

Have you ever put a current photo of yourself next to a photo of your mother at the same age? I am actually older than my mom was in her photo. I am certainly MUCH rounder, but I like seeing us side by side. I think my mom is one of the most beautiful people and I hope I continue to look like her as I age.

(After I did this I went on to do it with celebrities and their kids for a post on Babble.)


  1. You are both stunning! Like knock-out gorgeous!

  2. My mom just recently retired this summer and while going through some old pictures of her for a project, I had the same realization. It does make you appreciate how beautiful they were/are and without the millions of beauty products we have at our disposal today.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. My sisters and I were recently discussing an incident wherein someone told my oldest sister that she looked like my mom. We were all (not in a mean way) shocked and horrified, because we have all always looked like my dad. And then my oldest sister had to admit that, yes, finally, after 50+ years, there was some resemblance to our mother that was starting to come through. At the same time, I had to admit that, although I had always looked very much like my second oldest sister, my hair style and some other factors were now making me resemble my oldest sister – also shocking and horrifying. And, of late, my husband keeps going on about how my little mini-me daughter is finally starting to show some signs that she has his genes as well. I hope that pans out in terms of height – his sisters are average to tall, where my family is short.

    But you and your mom – Beautiful!

  4. You are both gorgeous! Seriously, seriously stunning.

  5. Wowsers!

  6. Stunning. Both of you.

  7. Wow! Two stunning ladies.

  8. Hi, I loved your post. My daughter and I did the same thing together!
    Do follow my blog if you like it! It’s about mitherhood, and being a woman,and ‘having it all’, like they say.

  9. You and your mom are gorgeous.

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