How My Mother and I Solve Crime Every Week

How do you solve crime? TNT GiveawayMy Mother and I are really good and solving crime. We can arrive at a crime scene and know within the first few minutes of scanning the scene who our prime suspects are. We also know who to hone in on when we see mug shots. The secret to our crime fighting brilliance is our massive mental database of every character actor from TV shows from the 70’s to today.

The first time we see someone we recognize we should out, “he did it!”

Obviously I am talking about being armchair detectives as we watch crime shows, thrillers, and mysteries. Sometimes, if we recognize a D list actor we can even predict their demise. It is an uncanny and yet very much celebrated skill. We are both disappointed that we can not use it in talent portions of beauty contests.

Last year TNT debuted a new crime drama called Perception. It stars Eric McCormack (love him) and Rachael Leigh Cook (all grown up!). Erik is cast as an eccentric neuroscience professor with paranoid schizophrenia and Rachel plays a former student who is now an FBI agent working on complex cases. She reaches out to her old professor to consult on a case that is SUPER tricky.

The first episode Mom and I watched drove us nuts! We could not figure out whodunit before the first commercial break. It is very rare to stump us. So many nuances and back stories about mental illness were woven into the story. The name Perception is a big hint that what you see is not always what is really happening.

The entire first season of Perception can currently be watched on Amazon Instant. This is great as season two is about to start back up on June 25th at 10p/9c. If you were a fan of The Closer (another TNT whodunit) you will appreciate Perception as it is another intellegent character driven show with plots that not predictable. As much as it drives my Mom and I bonkers trying to figure out who committed the crime, with Perception there is a new layer of intrigue as we are allowed to wonder why the crime was committed. We get glimpses into the minds and weird rational of criminals.

Do you have someone who you watch crime dramas with? Do you have any rules for how you watch the show together? Talking? No talking? Guessing? No guessing?

Answering my question enters you to win $100 Visa gift card!

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  1. Rules: Yes to guessing. Yes to talking. Yes to mayhem.

  2. I watch with my hubby- he drives me nuts as he tries to point out all the implausibilities of the show. So, I vote for no talking and silent guesses- or verbal guessing during commercial breaks.

  3. Battynurse says:

    My rules are no barking. Usually the dog hangs out while I watch TV.

  4. Talking, guessing, and openly mocking any tropes, for sure.

  5. I have a terrible time watching crime dramas – I work in a crime lab, and the absolute implausibility of things makes me switch the channel by the time the opening credits are rolling! I did like The Closer, though…

  6. Yes, we talk about our theories all the time. Sometimes we match each other’s theories, but we don’t always. It’s fun!

  7. Matt and I don’t watch many crime dramas. But whatever we do watch, I guess everything I can guess. And my husband threatens me with divorce because he hates spoilers even though I am only guessing. I tell him that is because he knows I am almost always right.

  8. Mami2jcn says:

    My husband and I definitely watch together and try to guess and talk it out.

  9. Mami2jcn says:


  10. Tonya Cinnamon says:

    Sadly I have never watched a crime show much less any shows, I dont watch tv unless its movies now .

  11. Tonya Cinnamon says:
  12. I like to watch crime dramas with my husband

  13. stephanie says:

    no i watch them by myself.

  14. stephanie says:
  15. crystle tellerday says:

    I watch crime shows with my cousin Darlene we talk during them trying to find out who’s guilty

  16. Jessica To says:

    I watch them with my son and he likes to talk all the way thru and I don’t!

  17. I watch alone, but like to monitor the show’s Facebook page and Twitter feed to see if other fans are thinking the same things. I am.

  18. courtney b says:

    me and my husband love those shows, and we love to guess on who did it..

  19. amy pugmire says:

    I watch with my husbands and he says I ask way too many questions. so no talking for us!

  20. courtney b says:
  21. amy pugmire says:
  22. I don’ t have someone to watch with these days, but the rules for Wheel of Fortune is not to say our guess out loud. Except for Dad. It turns out I’m pretty good guessing on Wheel and it ruins it for Dad so I don’t. Probably be the same rule for mysteries. I do love, love Perception. I am so glad it’s back. Gotta love TNT for their cop/mystery shows.

  23. No one will watch my shows with me, but in most shows it is almost always the second person they talk to (may or may not even be a suspect).

  24. I watch alone, and I frequently tell the television whodunnit, and I’m right reasonably often. Thanks for tip about Perception. I’ll have to give it a watch.

  25. Hahaha, great post! Yes to guessing for sure!! May not always be right though!!

  26. Connie Haack says:

    My husband and I both love NCIS. but we work different shifts so we don’t watch it together. After he has watched the taped show, then we talk about what our opinions are.

  27. Connie Haack says:
  28. I watch crime dramas with my bff and I ask not to to talk.
    Thanks for chance.

  29. My hubs and I watch Law & Order. We have seen a lot of them, but if it is one I have not seen…it’s shhhh time.

  30. We love watching Criminal Minds and Dexter…No talking, no guessing out loud, and we try not to read or hear about the episode in advance.

  31. I watch Criminal Minds, NCIS, Blue Bloods, etc. by myself so I can guess aloud if I want. My husband is not a fan of crime shows, while I love them!

  32. Margaret Smith says:

    My husband and two sons watch with me. No special rules, but we all like to guess.

  33. Stephanie V. says:

    watch with hubby but not allowed to talk to ask questions. lol
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  34. gregg deering says:

    I watch with my wife. We both like to guess who did it throughout the show. This is a good show.

  35. veronica vaughn says:

    I watch with my husband and we definitely do guess although we aren’t always right.

  36. veronica vaughn says:
  37. Donna Burgett says:

    I watch them with my husband. We talk through the whole thing while trying to guess who done it.

  38. I also watch them with my mom. No talking allowed until commercial breaks!

  39. Ann Fantom says:

    My husband and I enjoy watching crime dramas together. Guessing is encouraged!

  40. Cynthia C says:

    I watch them by myself and really enjoy them.

  41. Cynthia C says:
  42. Kelly D says:

    I watch crime dramas with my husband and I think it’s fun when we guess.

  43. Kelly D says:
  44. Janice Whitaker says:

    my husband..the rule is he cant tell me who did it cause he is always right when he guesses,lol

  45. My husband. We have no rules, just enjoy the show.

  46. Hubby and I watch our crime dramas (we don’t even watch comedies) after the kids are in bed. We have a TiVo so it makes life easier when we have to rewind, because sometimes one of us has questions!

  47. Christine H. says:

    I watch them with my sister and it’s great! We do the same thing.. always guessing, always talking from start to finish lol

  48. Adrienne Gordon says:

    I watch them by myself.

  49. no, I watch the crime dramas by myself

  50. Amy Green says:

    My mom and I watch crime dramas together. We don’t talk during the shows, but we do guess during the commercial breaks (she’s usually always right).

  51. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I love to watch crime shows with my best friend!! we talk the whole way through!!


    I watch it with my son .We tell each other who we think did it .

  53. My husband and I are addicted to CSI! It’s the one show that we can watch together :)

  54. Suzanne K says:

    I don’t watch these kinds of shows but do enjoy mystery novels, no spoilers please!

  55. jules p says:

    when we watch the show, no one can talk. (unless it is a commercial or we have paused it) Which we do pause it a lot to talk about what just happened! 😉

  56. jules p says:
  57. I watch with my partner! He is a lawyer, so he always tries to be extra logical about what is going to happen. Because of this, my rule is we can’t guess or talk until after it is done – usually he is right and I don’t like it to be spoiled :)

  58. robyn paris says:

    I do watch a lot of crime shows but mostly by myself so no worries of spoilers

  59. I watch it alone-my hubby and
    I have very different tastes in TV!

  60. Valencia says:

    I watch different crime shows with my son, while we are in different rooms (weird, I know). It started when he was young and even when he went off to college we would make sure to watch CSI: Miami and text back and forth about who we thought did it. We have no rules. We don’t usually talk, mostly text. We guess all the time.

  61. Stephanie Phelps says:

    My husband I watch them together and I say no talking unles it is a commercial

  62. Stephanie Phelps says:
  63. Fringe was probably the closest crime drama I was watching. I would watch it with hubby and we would share theories after but it was more scifi then anything.

  64. Don’t really watch crime dramas, unless Law & Order counts. If so I used to watch it by myself, but since it went off the air there is nothing on TV to take its place.

  65. colleen t says:

    I typically watch them with my husband and he is allowed to guess as much as he want but I am not allowed to guess anymore because according to him I am right too many times and i spoil it for him.

  66. I usually watch crime dramas by myself and the rules I have are simple nobody bother me while my show is on. I always like to try to guess whodunit. Thank you for the amazing giveaway and for the opportunity to win this.

  67. Sarah S says:

    Me and my daughter watch all the crime shows on ID (Investiagtion Discovery) and most of the time we can figure out who the murderer is. If you haven’t watched the shows on ID you should really check it out. Most of them are based on true stories.

  68. i watch with my husband because we love crime dramas. no rules

  69. My 15 and 16 year old teens love to watch crime shows! We discuss the shows and try to figure out “who-done-it” and my 16 year old daughter is always great about solving it first.

  70. Love watching crime dramas, and there are no rules while viewing!

  71. Katie K says:

    Yes and yes to guessing ! That’s half the fun!

  72. I watch by myself. Sometimes my hubby will watch with me.

  73. tracey byram says:

    I watch crime dramas alone.

  74. Denise S says:

    I watch them alone.

  75. I watch them with my entire family. We talk during commercial breaks and often make some comments here and there during the show!

  76. I sometimes watch with my mom likes to talk and guess who did, I can never figure it out.

  77. soha molina says:

    I watch with hubby. We have no rules. We talk, guess,..

  78. margaret peg m says:

    ok…hubby hates drama/crime stories, friends talk non-stop, son picks the right one every single time (don’t know how he does it=/), soooo, i watch by myself and enjoy the show!

  79. margaret peg m says:
    i tweeted, but i don’t have a website.

  80. Dawn Monroe says:

    My husband and I lock ourselfs in our room. The kids(teenagers)know not to bother us. Its kinda funny, if heard them answer the phone and say”Im not going in their shows own”.

  81. Stephanie Larison says:

    My husband and I watch a lot of them, and we just normally give each other a look and a guess as to how it will all play out. Usually I’m right. 😉 haha

  82. Anastasia b says:

    My husband, and we don’t talk :)

  83. Jen Haile says:

    I like to watch them with my friend and we keep guessing the whole time the show is on!

  84. Karen B says:

    The FBI agents are always working hard.

  85. Heather Swarthout says:

    My husband and I are usually quiet when we watch crime dramas together. We don’t watch much but The Following is more of a thriller/crime drama. We watch it together, and we have an agreement that when one person walks out of the room, the other person pauses. :)

  86. Adrianne B says:

    I watch crime dramas (Law & Order & SVU, specifically) with my husband. There are no rules, but I am sure he would prefer it if I didn’t shout out my guesses! We both speculate as to whodunnit…especially when the episode has been “ripped from the headlines”. And we both sing along with the theme music! Oh, Dick Wolf, we love you so!

  87. i watch them by myself because when people talk it bugs me!!

  88. Adrianne B says:
  89. Angela Y says:

    My husband does not like to watch crime drama, so when I put the kids to bed, I watch on my own while trying to guess the ending.

  90. Angela Y says:
  91. I always watch crime shows with my fiance, and it’s so funny to see us guess the opposite people. We always talk out loud, and it doesn’t bother me since we never guess the same person! I’m always going for the crazy, never suspecting person (sometimes the main lead), but he always goes for someone you suspect. We’re about 50-50 in who is correct… lol

  92. I watch them by myself then discuss them on FB with my friends. Only rule is not to talk about what happened until everyone has watched it

  93. April Yedinak says:

    I watch them with my two oldest kids and some talking is allowed (“That’s the killer!”), but not a lot. I love this show, because it has stumped me many times, which is unusual for this type of show.

  94. Candice says:

    I will watch them with my boyfriend. No real rules, but guessing is generally allowed. :)

  95. Lisa Brown says:

    I watch them alone. My husband does not like them.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  96. Lisa Brown says:

    tweet –
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  97. Paula V says:

    I watch most crime shows by myself like The Closer but will watch Law and Order with hubby..typically no talking except during commercials.

  98. Paula V says:
  99. Sadly, I don’t have anyone to watch crime dramas with.

  100. kelly Nicholson says:

    i watch alone,i have no rules..if i dont like it i turn it off

  101. Lynda Thomas says:

    LOVE crime dramas! :) My husband and I watch them all the time. Usually with lots of talking and guessing. We do the same thing, when we recognize an actor “he did it!” or “uh oh, he’s gonna die!” Lol! ilikevindiesel(at)

  102. Lynda Thomas says:

    Tweeted! ilikevindiesel(at)

  103. I’ll watch crime dramas alone so there’s no talking. I’ll do all the guessing I want. 😉

  104. Christine Waddell says:

    Just me and the cat are watching from here. He doesn’t cause much distraction.

  105. Amanda Kinder says:

    I sometimes watch it with my sister or my mom. Most of the time, though, I watch it all by myself.

  106. Anna Memphis says:

    I watch crime drama with the boyfriend, and it’s an all-out debate from the get go.

  107. Anna Memphis says:
  108. Jennifer says:

    I usually watch with my husband but I tend to guess what’s going to happen so he ends up getting mad at me. I’ll have to find a way to hush up :)

  109. Richard Hicks says:

    I watch them mostly solo. Only rules I have are for my kitties to behave while I am focused on the show!

  110. Richard Hicks says:
  111. Rachel Beltz says:

    I watch them with my family, and of course, no talking!! Except during commercials!

  112. Rachel Beltz says:
  113. Jessie C. says:

    I like to watch alone, no one allows to talk while the show is on.

  114. Jessie C. says:


  115. I watch with them most of the time – we all talk and quess whos right
    I also read mysteries and am always trying to guess who dunnit before the end of the book

  116. Priscilla says:

    I watch on my own most of the time but if I watch with other people the rules are no general talking. Guessing is fine though!

  117. I love to watch crime dramas with my mom, too. We don’t have any rules, but maybe we should. She always guesses the killer way before me!

  118. Cassie Korando says:

    My husband and I watch crime dramas. Guessing and talking are allowed. And we also argue over who did it when we don’t agree. :)

  119. The only crime show that my husband and I watch together is “Psych,” and it’s a comedy. We don’t talk much except for laughing. ashaldridge at gmail dot com

  120. My daughter and I watch Law and Order together and, despite having seen almost all of them we watch and judge the investigation each step of the way.

  121. Anastasia says:

    My boyfriend and I watch crime shows together. Lots of guessing on both our parts, but I’m almost always wrong and he’s almost always right! I don’t know how i guess so badly!!! :)

  122. Anastasia says:
  123. pinky sade says:

    I love watching with my hubby. We love guessing but seeing our guesses being right just makes it more fun :)

  124. Kate F. says:

    I watch crime dramas by myself.

  125. with the hubs-
    i always solve first!

  126. I usually watch television by myself

  127. Mary Calabrese says:

    Oh, we guess out loud and see who was correct.

  128. Sara Floyd says:

    I will watch it with my husband, and we are not allowed to guess!

  129. Sara Floyd says:
  130. I usually watch them alone, but when I do watch them with friends, we’re usually quiet, but someone might offer a guess if they feel strongly about it.

  131. My husband and I love crime/mysteries. There is talking at appropriate times and always guessing about whats happening next!

  132. Crystal F says:

    I love watching them with my hubby. We will just blurt out who we think did it or who we will think is next. lol Thank you!!

  133. Watch alone. So no rules.

  134. Kim Henrichs says:

    Usually with my friend Bonnie, and we keep quiet except for general show comments – but no blurting out who did it! :)

  135. Kelly R. says:

    Talking is a must, my mom & I watch while talking it over on the phone.

  136. Kyl Neusch says:

    watch by myself


    I watch by myself and try to guess :)

  138. Donna L says:

    My husband and I watch different TV shows. I don’t watch crime shows and he watches sports.

  139. tracy p. says:

    yes, I watch crime dramas with my husband and the only rule I have is that he dosent talk and especially dosen’t ask me questions about what is going on. Gessh keep up :)

  140. Ruben Ramos says:

    Sometimes with the fiance but prefer them by myself. Because once we start one together I HAVE to progress with her… or suffer the consequences.

  141. Sheila K. says:

    I love crime-based books, movies, and TV shows and always try to solve them before the end. However, I read and watch only with my kitty, and he usually has no response when I tell him my hypotheses!

  142. twitted this today, 21/06

  143. Christina Sparks says:

    I watch crime stories with my husband and we both try to guess the outcome

  144. ?.•*? Amy Orvin ??.•* says:

    Yes to talking and guessing. That’s what makes it fun.

  145. ?.•*? Amy Orvin ??.•* says:
  146. jessica edwards says:

    my husband- we do lots of guessing

  147. I protected the castle.

  148. Suzanne Lewis says:

    My boyfriend and I love to watch Law and Order SVU together. We don’t talk during the show, only the commercials.

  149. twitted this today, 22/06

  150. diane Baum says:

    I watch with my hubby-he always attempt to solve the crime and is usually wrong!

  151. Georgia Beckman says:

    My daughter & I both love true crime shows (ID channel, etc) & yes, we always try to figure it out by talking our way through it. When visiting with my mom, she & I will watch & do the same. I wanted to be a forensic pathologist from the time I was in the 4th grade. That didn’t happen but I’m pretty good at being an armchair detective! I’m right on more occasions than I”m wrong.

  152. Georgia Beckman says:
  153. I usually watch TV by myself so no rules. I try to guess and usually can

  154. when i do watch them, i watch by myself and can many times figure out the killer from the beginning…it’s usually the most well-known guest star.

  155. Debra Pauley says:

    My husband and I definitely watch together and try to guess and talk it out

  156. Betsy Barnes says:

    I grew up watching Dragnet and Perry Mason with my grandmother. We continued to watch all the crime/drama shows until I moved. We would always talk through the shows, trying to guess who did it. Even though I lived out of state, I would call her once a week, discussing our favorite shows. I still watch these shows and wish I could call her in heaven a discuss these shows with her. :)

  157. Betsy Barnes says:
  158. I watch with my hubby and we try not to talk while we’re watching but sometimes we can’t help ourselves.

  159. kathy f says:

    We like to watch as a family, no rules except I can’t ask questions the whole time.

  160. Marlen Rose says:

    I watch crime show with my husband. He is really into them, me not so much. But since I never get the remote, I have to watch also. Sometimes I get really interested also. We don’t usually guess , although sometimes I ask him who he thinks does it.

  161. twitted this today, 23/06

  162. No, I watch them alone and do not converse with the TV.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  163. I love crime shows! We guess while watching them .

  164. Gretchen F says:

    We watch as a family, only rule is “don’t burn the popcorn”.

  165. I watch true crime by myself!

  166. Talking and guessing ONLY during commercials. I hate gabby viewers!

  167. Daniel M says:

    watch alone so no rules

  168. Cathy Lipscomb says:

    I watch with my 9 yr. old daughter. We say who we think who did it at the beginning and then the winner gets to brag about it at the end. It gets her thinking and problem-solving, lots of fun!

  169. sarah cool says:
  170. sarah cool says:

    i watch them with my mother and we dont really have any rules but we both love guessing who the killer/criminal is and we LOVE Perception! We are also big fans of Fringe as well but its much weirder murders :)

  171. joseph gersch jr says:

    I watch crime drams with my wife and we try to figure out who did it and how

  172. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    My daughter and I watch and talk on the breaks
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  173. Teresa Crosswhite says:

    My daughter and I love CSI.

  174. Mihaela D. says:

    I watch it alone – my rule – I CANNOT eat too much junk food

  175. Brandi Price says:

    I watch with my hubby. We guess all the way throughout the show!

  176. jules m. says:

    nope, i watch alone but i do have to tell myself to shuddup

  177. Rebecca Peters says:

    I usually watch by my lonesome.. so there really isn’t much talking going on

  178. Susan Smith says:

    My husband and I watch crimes dramas together and try to guess who did it and talk it out

  179. Susan Smith says:
  180. In my house, if it’s over-the-air TV and it’s new, not a rerun, there’s no talking, but if it’s on Netflix then you can talk all you want because you can just pause it.

  181. My mom and I watch together, and we talk and guess!

  182. Karrie Millheim says:

    Yes I watch crime dramas with hubby. He spoils it sometimes but blurting out what is going to happy next that he thinks and he is usually we have that rule to not talk now

  183. CharityS says:

    I have to watch all my shows alone, because my family talks way too much.

  184. Annemarie Z. says:

    I watch them with my boyfriend! We talk and guess during commercials!

  185. Leslie S. says:

    I watch them with my teenage daughter.We have a no talking rule until the commercials.We love to guess during them as to hat will happen next.Thanks!

  186. K. Cleaver says:

    My husband and I watch them together. We have no rules as I’m constantly telling my husband what’s going to happen next. LOL

  187. Melissa Hartley says:

    I watch Criminal Minds with my mom & we usually don’t do a lot of talking during each show but during commercials we do :)

    Thank you
    Melissa Hartley

  188. K. Cleaver says:
  189. Janna Johnson says:

    I am never home enough to watch them! Wish I could

  190. Chelsea M says:

    I watch with my mom all the time! We always talk, though it’s usually limited to what we think about what is going on during the show. And there is most definitely guessing!

  191. Tracy Allen says:

    My husband and I love crime shows like Damages and Justified and The Closer. The only rule is that I have to try to stay in my seat for the whole hour

  192. Pauline M says:

    I love perception! I do watch this with my kids and we always try to guess the who done it with my kids!

  193. Oh, we talk and discuss all the time while watching. My husband is usually right.

  194. susan smoaks says:

    My husband and I watch the crime shows together. He can always figure the show out before me and I make him keep it to himself. Sometimes when we can’t finish the show I ask him what’s going to happen and he tells me then I watch it later on to see if he was right.

  195. susan smoaks says:
  196. We like to guess and talk a little about what we think will happen.

  197. Jeanette H. says:

    Watch with my husband, we pretty much just watch the shows. Dont usually play along.

  198. Tiffany Hearn says:

    I watch crime dramas with my husband. We don’t really have any rules for how we watch the show together. We talk a little about who we think did it.

  199. twitted this today, 25/06

  200. Tabathia B says:

    I watch with my husband and sometimes we talk and guess

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  201. Tabathia B says:


    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  202. I love true crime dramas and no talking

  203. Shannon says:

    My mom likes mysteries as much as I do so I watch them with her, we don’t have any rules.

  204. Teresa Thompson says:

    I like watching with my husband but we don’t allow guessing or talking until after the show.

  205. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I watch with my friends and we have no talking or cellphone rules

  206. Amanda Sakovitz says:
  207. Savannah Miller says:

    I watch with my hubby! We DVR everything and wait until the kiddos go to bed then watch tv together :)

  208. Jennifer Fitzgibbons says:

    I watch crime dramas with my teenage daughters. I think it must be hereditary to love mysteries. We have no rules and usually scream so much at the television that we have to rewind a lot to watch a scene again in silence.

  209. Our rule is no talking until the commercials. My dh started it, because I have a tendency to gab during tv shows and movies :)

  210. Thomas Murphy says:

    I watch watch crime dramas with my GF and we do lots of guessing.

  211. Thomas Murphy says:
  212. TrishCF says:
  213. TrishCF says:

    I watch the crime dramas with my husband, but we have a rule that I have to ask him if he wants to hear my theory before giving it because I usually figure it out before him. Over time though, he has gotten much better and even figures it out first sometimes.

  214. Bryan E. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…my wife & I talk when watching tv crime dramas because they are pretty formulaic vis a vis plot.

  215. Lily Kwan says:

    Does NCIS qualify as a crime drama? If it does I watch it by myself.

  216. Lily Kwan says:

    I tweeted about this giveaway on Twitter at

  217. I grew up watching them with my Grandma and also my mom and dad, now I just watch them alone.

  218. S Carter says:

    I watch via text with a friend. There are no rules, we can guess aloud as well.

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