The hustle and bustle before a conference

backyard flowersAs much as I am a planner there are still so many things that must be done final in the days leading up to leaving for a conference. Laundry, shopping for milk, getting rid of the white hair at my temples, etc. There is also all of the actual work related JOB stuff that needs to be done because, for the most part, I will be kinda/sorta off line for a few days. This means staying up late and writing, getting up early and researching, and having an all around snappish behavior towards my family. They will be so happy to see me leave tomorrow morning!

As much as it is a struggle and effort to make going to a conference happen if I set my sites on going you can be certain I am there to absorb and learn at 100%. For this particular conference, BlogHer Food, I am incredibly excited to be able to be a part of a panel of other people who are passionate about incorporating philanthropy into their online spaces. The goal is to help other bloggers and site owners fold in causes that are important to them into their writing. What is especially fantastic is this is a FOOD blogging conference and hunger advocacy is important to me. I can not wait to meet people who are story telling with plates and recipes.

There is also the excitement factor that I have never been to Austin before. I am trying to pretend it will not be oh so very hot. (shhhh.)

Things I Do Not Want To Forget About Other Parts Of My Life

• I have lost thirty pounds. I can not get my head around this just yet. I do not really SEE it. This is the problem of being a tall and usually thick girl. I do know  those shirts I could not get into a few months ago now fit and my bras are laughable. I FEEL good. I feel younger. There is more to say. But I had to chronicle the moment. WOO!!

• Have locked in on 4 different school districts and am in serious savings mode. I don’t have to tell you guys that moving is expensive. You get it. So we are in furious savings focus to achieve what we estimate we will need for 1st month’s rent, last month’s rent, security, and actual moving costs.

• I am celebrating my 2nd year at the tech startup I work for. That’s a nice feeling!

• I have worn a dress or skirt several ays in the last few weeks. This is kind of big news for me. Not sure how or why, but I am breaking out of hiding behind clothes. (probably because I am feeling better!)

• Our garden has been AMAZING this year and I am amazed at how stunning the flowers have been.
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  1. I completely didn’t notice your byline on the birthday article – I loved that when I read it!

  2. 30 lbs! That’s awesome! Sounds like your changes are working – keep it up! Whether you see it or not, you can obviously feel it.

    I keep forgetting that W is not a baby any more – I was all “why are you worried about saving for moving? You’ve got a couple years!” And then I remembered that he is 4. Sigh…

    I like the way you are readjusting some of the food focus of a food blogging conference toward hunger advocacy!

  3. Sarah S. says:

    Yay! 30lbs and feeling better rocks!!

    Have fun, learn lots, and I have to say, those flowers are amazing.

  4. I love your “voice” in this post! I am so happy for you and the successes you are celebrating here. Have fun in Austin!

  5. Go you! Weight loss is awesome!

  6. So excited for you! You will be such a hit in Austin!

  7. I hope you have a great time at the conference! Also- you are awesome.

  8. Have fun in Austin! I can’t wait to visit there one day. And congrats on the dresses and not hiding behind clothes or skirts with pants.

  9. Congrats on your weight loss! I’d be shouting it from the rooftops!

  10. Wow!!! Congrats! I lost 28 pounds last year and being 5’9″ my size didn’t change at all, I did feel better in my clothes though. Have fun in Austin!

  11. I loved reading your recent posts. I have lost about 20 lbs and am a tall girl too! 6 ft. I think it has affected my energy AND creativity too! loved reading about pre-conference stuff as I am getting ready to attend my first BlogHer.

    My name is Suzanne Perryman of I was fortunate to be named as one of BlogHer’s 2013 Voice Of The Year Bloggers ( Op-Ed) . I just wanted to visit your blog, learn a bit from your experience, and thank you for being a reviewer. I am sure it was a tough job and a lot of work, so thanks for giving back.

    Writing is my thing, and I celebrate the simple, everyday of special needs parenting, one story at a time. I have never been to a blogging conference and look forward to attending BlogHer this year.Hope to meet you there!

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