connecting two lives

Look who has a new gig at Babble!A few lifetimes ago I lived in Los Angeles. This is not news for 99% of you. What IS news is that the life that I led in LA is now newly connected to my life now. Starting this morning I am officially writing for Babble within their entertainment section.

I have been sitting on this news for a while because until a post went live it just didn’t seem REAL.

My first post went up this morning (not to boast, but it is a REALLY good article about Irish bands you should know) so now I can finally come here and be all, “ZOMG! SQUEE! I’M A WRITER!!”

It’s a massive boost to my entire sense of self to be able to contribute daily to the world of entertainment news. Isn’t that funny? Over a decade ago I would have rolled my eyes at breaking entertainment news, heck I was actively involved in trying to make sure SOME stories never saw the light of day.

(nope. not telling!)

But now I think it is good fun to be able to find parts of Hollywood and the entertainment world that parents like me are interested in.

Don’t worry – I will always be updating here as well. This Babble gig is just an off shoot and a fun one at that!