Pink is the word of the day

Every week W’s school hosts show and tell on thursdays and fridays. Since W attends preschool daily he gets to participate twice a week. Show and tell has become one of his most favorite things. Usually the prompt for the show is alphabet themed. Last week the letter of the week was P and this week, naturally, the letter of the week is Q.

Last week W delighted in running around the house looking for “p things”. He would discover some toy or doo dad and hoist it up into the air and proclaim, “BLOCK! B – B – B- BLOCK! BLOCK STARTS WITH P!” I would sound out the letter b until he realized it was NOT p and then he would move on to the next item, “PAPER BAG! MAMA!! It’s a PEEEEEEE!!!!!”

I seriously love watching the doors of his mind open and open and open.

Before I was ever pregnant with W I remember lamenting on the blog that I may never get to know what motherhood is. Someone, in what I am sure was an attempt to soothe, commented that I was getting to know motherhood by being Millie’s caregiver.

Sure the overlaps for an infant’s needs and a person with Alzheimer’s needs can be noticeable. But the greatest joy of parenthood is the blooming. With Millie the bloom was fading daily. With W the bloom not only grows but new buds form and bloom. Daily.

I have heard that kids W’s age are like a sponge soaking up the world around them. That doesn’t feel right to me. A sponge absorbs, but then you just wring it out and start over. The garden visual is a lot more pleasing.

Yesterday I was certain that, because the letter of the week was Q, kids were to bring in objects beginning with the letter Q for show and tell. Q is an HARD word! We finally settled on a quarter (after a couple hilarious moments of W saying things like, “LUNCHBOX! LL L L L L L L ! LUNCHBOX STARTS WITH Q!”)

We got to school and I saw that I was wrong, while the letter of the week is Q the WORD for show and tell is pink. Oh boy did W give me the side eye over that. His most favorite color for show and tell and all he had was a lame quarter in a white paper bag?

This morning W spent twenty minutes trying to find a PERFECT PINK THING. Finally he selected one of his favorite toys. I looked at him grinning in the back of the car this morning and laughed. His love of pink married with his love of all things vehicle.
Pink Monster Truck


  1. I’d really love for W and Gio and Jacob to meet..let’s make that happen, hmmm?

    Plus I adore his choice, go W. That is one HOT PINK TRUCK.

  2. I love that lots of things don’t happen at the same time, but with having our kids 5 days apart, lots of things to happen similarly, like how WE HAD THIS SAME CONVERSATION IN OUR HOUSE THIS MORNING.

    Roozle’s letter of the week is J and of course we keep forgetting to bring any J things, so yesterday I tried to trick her into thinking that JUMPING in the classroom was bringing a J thing to school. She wasn’t amused. Today, I cut her sandwich into a letter J. She criticized my J and drew one on some paper to show me what a REAL J looks like. Apparently only lowercase J’s are acceptable to Roozle. Note taken. Literally. She wrote me a note.

  3. Greatest. truck. ever!

    My kindergarten did the same thing with show & tell by letters. I remember one kid had “N” in a paper bag, and none of us could get what it was. It was nothing. Two million years later, I am still blown away by this. I hope this kid is now working to cure cancer or feed the hungry or something, because he must be a genius.

  4. This is an awesome post…yay for the pink monster truck!!! And I like the analogy of a garden blooming…

  5. hilarious. love a boy who loves his hot pink truck!

  6. Fantastic truck!

  7. Linnette says:

    That is totally adorable.

    May I also say that your blog is much more enjoyable of late? I love reading all of the updates on W. Keep it up! :)

  8. That is indeed the perfect pink thing.

  9. WHERE did you find this truck? Been looking for one everywhere because my son wants one too!!! PLEASE I’m dying to know where I can get one. :)

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