solo at the playground

There is nothing sadder than an almost four year old in an empty playground.

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  1. says

    Wow, just goes to show how different kids are. My little almost-four introvert ADORES an empty playground — he runs around owning the place. Too many kids there and he just hangs back and waits for them to clear out… can’t blame him, I’m an introvert too!

  2. Monica says

    We do empty playgrounds all the time. Funny, I just realized that I usually think it’s something that I am doing (wrong): no one is here bc it is too cold; other kids are eating lunch right now; I picked a playground that’s not very fun. Geesh, I’ll have to stop thinking such stupid shit and realize that sometimes you get lucky and get the playground all to yourself. Adorable story those photos tell. Would make a great kids book!

  3. says

    I love an empty playground, because then I don’t have to chase after my child to keep her away from the babies, or to tell her to be nice to other kids (to whom she has taken an immediate dislike) because they just want to play with her, or to tell her to stop hogging the top of the slide…

    Playground etiquette is just too much work for me. :)

    W, however, is adorable.

  4. says

    Burrito and Tamale also prefer empty playgrounds, not because of introversion like Rachel’s little guy but because of wanting the run of the place (Burrito) and getting overwhelmed motor-wise when others might jostle the bridge or vie for the same spot on the ladder (Tamale). Of course they always have a built-in playmate, so their seesaws are never lonely — except that they never actually get on the seesaw because they refuse to cooperate. Ha!

    But I also wonder if for you, the lonely playground may evoke the shadow of W’s missing sibling. If that’s the case, hugs to both of you.

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