Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with Peppermint Kisses

chocolate peppermint cookiesAs soon as I saw that W’s school was going to have a cookie exchange holiday party I KNEW we were going to bring something chocolatey and pepperminty. The hurdle was trying to find THE PERFECT recipe. We needed something that was not only yummy but also something that W and I could realistically make together.

I found a chocolate peppermint cookie on Martha Stewart’s site that made me swoon but reading the comments about creating the cookies made me cringe. {Feel free to make these and send them to me.}

Daily I looked for a simple recipe and then (WOO!) I found it. I was shocked by how simple it was.

Here is the original recipe: Super-Duper Chocolate Peppermint Kisses

Here are my notes/ tips:

• Nowhere on the ingredients list does it mention that you need milk, but suddenly you get to the part where you put the chocolate sprinkles on and you need a bowl of milk. So, um, make sure you have milk.
• If you are making these with kids and looking for what specific task to give them there are two: the smooshing of the dough with the chocolate powder was kind of fun for W but mostly he loooooooved unwrapping the kisses. (He was not a fan of rolling the dough into balls or doing the chocolate sprinkle part)
• Let the cookies cool for a LONG TIME. The actual cookie bit doesn’t take long to cool, but if you are packing these beauties up to take somewhere like a cookie exchange party, then wait a few hours before touching as the kisses will be melty.

By the way? They taste really good.


  1. Those look yummy! A friend just made some “cookies” with peppermint kisses, M&Ms, and pretzels – I suspect they were easy to make and they are delicious! If you’re looking for an easy recipe for W to help with…I think it’s pretty much all assembly and some time in the oven. (I’m sure it can be found online, but I am too lazy to look it up)

  2. Those are super cute!! I just made a version of these the other night, and thought of how much you’d love them. They are INTENSE! (I swapped peppermint extract for the vanilla in the dough and used chocolate chips instead of chopped chocolate mint candies)

  3. yes please. my mouth is watering!!

  4. battynurse says:

    Look yummy, I found a recipe on Pinterest I’d love to try tomorrow but realistically my energy levels still suck shit and not a whole lot is getting done.

  5. Yum!

  6. I think my head has been in the sand. There are peppermint Kisses? They’ve been added to my shopping list. Checking out the recipe now.

  7. I’m not personally a fan of the chocolate-mint combo but my mom always made choco-mint snaps at xmas time when I was a kid, and I still make them today to include in my cookie plates because I know lots of folks love them. They’re pretty easy, if you want another recipe to try:

  8. These look very yummy… Sadly not peppermint kiss in Albania. Will have to see if I can get them next time I am in the states.

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