Holiday Photos

I have been trying to really celebrate the little moments this past week. It has been 8 days since the D&E and I did not realize how emotionally and physically empty I would feel. Every day since last monday I have been pushing to get over this – I really don’t have the energy to be THIS depressed.

So I have showered. I have left the house at least once every day. I have worked to put things in place to help W and Lolly have a wonderful Christmas. But the desire to just sit in a dark room and stare at the wall is pretty strong.

I decided to pull out my actual camera and take actual photos this past week. I still love capturing moments with my phone, but for some reason I had put away my canon for special occasions. Silly.

Here are a few to share:

W was in a pageant at church. He was the most adorable shepherd ever.



Everyone is enjoying the tree.



Santa drove through the neighborhood on a fire truck!




  1. Oooo! Love these — much better than my phone. But look at Santa in the close-up: I think that may give credence to my theory that he may run on batteries!

  2. In the 2nd photo, W and 3 other kids are wearing plaid!

    You are doing an admirable job getting yourself through all of this.

  3. Even if you can’t fully enjoy the moments now, documenting them for later is a good idea…Keep that camera working!

  4. You did us some good as well, because who wouldn’t enjoy thoses pictures. You remind me that I need to tell the new neighbors Santa will come so they won’t imagine the sirens are for an emergency. You are doing better that just putting one foot in front of the other–you are cheering up other people!

  5. Good for you for putting on a smile and getting out and taking photos… but don’t feel like you have to start feeling good just because it’s inconvenient for the world (apart from W) for you to feel bad. You take all the time you need. The world will cope.

  6. Gorgeous pictures! Love you.

  7. Great photos!

  8. Beautiful photos! The holidays are so bittersweet after experiencing loss. Thinking of you and holding you close in my thoughts and prayers. xoxo

  9. Aww these are so beautiful

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