Letter to Santa

I am trying my hardest to catch up on Holiday spirit around here. This weekend Mom and W purchased a beautiful fresh tree. We spent Sunday finishing the touches to our home-made star ornaments and decorating the lush pine with trinkets. I am very aware of how different Christmas is for W than it was for me.

I grew up within a pretty decent sized family. I had aunts, uncles, cousins, Grandparents, and a Mom that went above and beyond to make December 24th (my birthday) and Christmas magical. We had traditions that involved how and when we opened gifts, traditions about what food was prepared and served. Traditions about holiday music and stockings.

As I got older many traditions faded away. Relatives that used to attend every family holiday meal were no longer able to come. Other relatives passed away. And now my family that once filled a large dining room table is a party of three.

I feel an obligation to make Christmas wonderful for W. At least as wonderful as my Mother made it for me. So I have been putting a lot of thought into just HOW to do that.

Making holiday crafts together is a tradition now. Last year we all worked together to create a fun Advent that ran down the banner of our staircase. This year we did the star ornaments. Having a holiday photo with Santa is also a tradition. (although we have yet to do it this year – PLEASE don’t let me forget!)

Sending a letter to Santa is also a tradition for us. Last year was W’s first year to really begin to understand the concept of Santa. His teachers helped him dictate a letter that we sent to Santa. THIS year he recorded a message to send to Santa.

Hallmark has these great cards for Santa that are perfect for toddlers who can say what they want but aren’t so savvy with the handwriting just yet. Since W knows what “record” means this was a cool concept for him.

After we decorated the tree on Sunday we talked about what would be nice for Santa to bring him (aka a moment to rehearse) and then, when he was ready, we recorded his message. I tried to figure out a way to share his recording online with you guys, but alas you will have to imagine his adorable voice asking Santa for, “I want a FORKLIFT! And BOOKS!” We will be mailing his card today.

We then read one of the “be a part of the story” books. W rarely quietly listens to a book being read to him – he, like most kids his age, like to talk TO the story, respond to favorite phrases, and ask questions. What is cute about these books from Hallmark is that when you (the reader) says certain phrases within the story Santa interjects with questions for the listeners. Depending on how the listener answers the question Santa will have a different response.

For example if you are reading about something an Elf dropped santa might say, “What did the Elf drop?” If W says, “he dropped a letter!” Santa will respond about the letter.

I know many of you guys will be visiting family for the holidays and this is a great thing to bring to get the entire family involved. We are going to give W’s class at school this book because I think it would be a hit during circle time.

I am so thankful for my perfectly sized family.

How are you spending this holiday season with your family? Any new or old traditions happening?


  1. Our family traditions have evolved over time, as most families’ traditions do. We’ll have Christmas breakfast at Denny’s with my dad, monster, and sister. Then we’ll be back to the house preparing dinner for our adopted family. This year, for the first time in, well, forever, I actually have a nice little stretch of time off, so I’m really looking forward to spending the days after Christmas going to movies and snuggling with my dog and continuing to get settled into our “new” house. Lots of love to you all!!!

  2. This is the first year that Burrito and Tamale really know what’s going on, so we have been doing Chanukah hard-core: candles every night instead of just when I happen to remember, big presents every night, all of the traditional foods, songs, dreidel games, we just got back an hour ago from a Chanukah concert, and tomorrow we will give dreidels to all of their classmates, who have already mastered the Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel song.

  3. Around here we are desperate for some easy new holiday traditions too. It’s hard to be one of the only kids who does not celebrate Christmas, especially when your holiday is done well before most people’s begins. This has me thinking though… Hmmmmmm….

  4. I think this is the year we start the letter to Santa tradition. This is the first year Elizabeth hasn’t been afraid of Santa. :)

  5. ((hugs)) He is SO lucky to be your son.

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