iPieces: A Review and Giveaway

My Mom has graciously always shared her iPad with W. In the evenings and on weekends they can both be found basking in the glow of technology.

Most of the games and programs that W has lend themselves to being single user type of experience. When I met the people from Pressman at BlogHer this year I was really digging their  iPieces concept. The idea is that by using their pieces with corresponding apps multiple people could play a game.

I asked Mom to try out the pieces with W and let me know how it went.

(So this was game play between a 3 year old and a, er, AARP aged person.)

From Lolly:
“W & I just went fishing and then out on the ice! I was afraid we would wake you with all the laughing and squealing we were doing, but we were having so much fun playing, we couldn’t help it.

First we went fishing, trying to catch these toothy little fish out of a pond and get them in our buckets. And while we were trying to snag them in those moments they had their mouths open, they were getting bumped by other big fish or getting wrapped around the lily pads. And THEN, while we were wrangling them on our lines and hauled in, shadows would pass across our bent heads and suddenly a big bird would swoop in and snarf a fish out of the buckets! It was crazy and funny and energetic!

Then we set down our fishing poles and headed out on the ice with our battle pieces to shoot pucks. We played a series of tournaments, even though we decided that 5 goals in would be the winning score. And W absolutely trounced me! I know he’s 3-1/2, but he may be trying out for the Flyers next season. I not only didn’t win any matches, he quickly figured out a strategy that proved him the superior player. At least I didn’t fall and crack my patoot! And when I congratulated him for winning, he laughed and said, “You won, TOO!”

I think he was right. Yes, I out-fished him and he sent me spinning on the ice, but we both had such a blast playing TOGETHER, helping each other out, and hunkered over the same venue: “Pocky”, our shared iPad! And super geeky soul that I am, I was delighted and amazed by how we were able to do this by connecting with fish and ice with physical objects that we scooted along Pocky’s surface, bumping into each other and flora/fauna lurking just underneath. It was a real shared experience and we both want to play again. And again!

We actually had special fishing poles that we held and pulled through the pond, and pawn-like puck-knockers that we streaked across the ice. Each “piece” interacted with the respective free apps we downloaded from iTunes, and Game Playing immediately rose to a whole new galaxy of experience.”

{seriously, how awesome is Lolly?!!}

For those of you not quite getting the concept:
You know the classic magnetic fishing game? Well this is THAT, but a digital version. W was able to do this version better than the plastic version. Less frustration = longer game play in toddler land!

I want you guys to experience how fun these games are! iPieces from Pressman toys has agreed to give one of my readers an iPieces game of your choice.

To enter leave me a comment and tell me about the last time you played a game with your family.

• US Residents only
• one comment per person
• comments will close at 7pm EST on 12/14/12
• winner will have 72 hours to respond to my email

Disclosure: iPieces sent us game pieces to review. I was not compensated for this post.


  1. I suddenly feel a million years old because I don’t get it. So there are real-world objects that you can get to interact with the iPad game? I get that, but I can’t tell what was virtual and what was real. Even so, it does sound really cool and fun. I will go check it out. (I’ll probably just buy it for me and my 5 year old. Watch out fish!!)

  2. My son would love that! He loves snagging my iPad and using it. He’s just starting getting into games – most of our games involve following each other around the house hopping like frogs, or rolling cars around the house. He’s starting to get the idea about memory (one of the games we have on the iPad for him).

  3. Last Sunday we played basketball on the Wii and this Sunday we played basketball IRL. :)

  4. We try to get in a board game weekly, last played was rummikub – my favorite!

  5. I am afraid I’m unclear on the concept, but like, could you play pop-o-matic Trouble on the iPad? I’m glad W and Lolly had fun. The last game we probably played at our house was Memory. :)

  6. Last night, Chutes and Ladders. Small Boy is a Chutes and Ladders fiend. I’d find it terrifically boring if it weren’t for his drama-queen emoting about every move.

    P.S. Thinking of you.

  7. I played sesame street bingo with my boys (1&3) this weekend. It was fun even if they didn’t “get” the rules!

  8. Rachel Nehmelman says:

    Last weekend we played a bingo game together, both my girls are finally at the age where they like playing games.

  9. We play games three or four times a week. Card games like war and go fish, monopoly jr, trouble, and uno are our favorites. We play connect 4 and tic tac toe on IPAD. I saw those pieces at Blog Her and loved them!!

  10. Monopoly on the weekend.

  11. Last game was played a couple of hours ago and next one will commence in about 10 hours. It was either knee hockey or Qwirrkle. My kids don’t really play with “toys”, but they love their games. My daughter spotted these in the toy store the other day and I’m intrigued by them. Thanks for the review and chance to win one!

  12. Adam & I played Beyond Ynth today as well as hide & seek. we LOVE playing games!

  13. We play mostly virtual games and Pettson’s Inventions has been a favorite for a while for all 3 of us to play together!

    (LOVE YOU)

  14. My daughter Peyton and I try to play something each week (would like daily but that doesn’t always happen) This week Peyton found air hockey on my phone and we have a great time play that on my small little phone together. Peyton has chutes and ladders which is fun but what make it even more fun is that Peyton made a new game board drawn on a piece of paper. She has put fun little things into each squares and while playing it we laugh and laugh.

  15. We played R’s version of Candyland – the Dora version. Get all the cards out (game board unnecessary). Lift them high in the air. Make it rain!!

  16. Oooh, love this idea. We do puzzles. All the time. (I like puzzles, thank goodness.)

  17. We are big on peek-a-boo currently, but my 18 month old loves rolling dice on my IPhone and is more and more interested in interactive games. Also, since I am always on my IPad, IPhone, or computer she is obsessed with technology.

  18. That sounds awesome. My kids are currently Pokemon obsessed, especially Noah. I’ve promised him a game this weekend. Tonight Noah and Josie played Zingo. And last weekend, Josie and I did the new Toca game on my phone, but she didn’t like that all we could do was change the doll’s clothes.

  19. Battleship with my husband! You can’t beat the classics, especially for an in-house “date night” :)

  20. I JUST ordered this yesterday but I know so many families with ipads that would love this. I played air hockey at Blogher, it was so much fun

  21. Oh how fun! If it works on an Android tablet, I’m in! 😉

  22. We play a lot of imagination games, but we haven’t really played any “real” games in awhile. I’d love to try this out with our iPad.

  23. I agree with Stacy!

  24. ME ME ME. Vera LOVES her Ipad! Well my Ipad but I have resigned to calling it hers since she has declared it so :-) I would love this ~


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